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TunesArt offers new features for iTunes
« on: September 13, 2010, 10:51:35 PM »
TunesArt offers new features for iTunes

Version 0.9.5
2.4MB – 10 february 2010
Mac OS X 10.5 and later

TunesArt offers new features for iTunes : display cover art and track information on your desktop (many themes available), get notification on track change, display bezel notifications, search your iTunes Library, scrobble to, display/edit/download lyrics, support for Growl notifications, artwork fetching from Amazon.
Main features

Cover art
Display the cover art of current track, right on your desktop, and choose a skin among 4 available skins (classic, CD case, Vinyl cover, 3D perspective). Information displayed under the cover art are fully customizable (track name, artist, rating…). And you can display iTunes player controls when hovering cover art.
When a new track starts playing in iTunes, a beautiful notification can be displayed in the top-right corner, under TunesArt icon in menubar. Then, you’ll know the track name, artist, album, duration, rating and even cover art. If you’d prefer, display a Growl notification instead of TunesArt own notification !
Fast search
Instead of opening iTunes to play a particular track, use the TunesArt ‘fast search’ feature : open the search window with Cmd+S keyboard shortcut, enter your keyword, for example a part of track name or artist name, and results will be displayed instantly! In addition, everything can me performed just with your keyboard.
Keyboard shortcuts
Have you ever been frustrated to quit your keyboard just to perform some basic actions, like volume control, playing next track or changing rating? With TunesArt, you’ll save your time with keyboard shortcuts, available for main features. And all shortcuts are customizable and are available everywhere, everytime.
You love to sing on your favorite tracks? Then, TunesArt is just what you want! A specific window can be opened, with tracks’ lyrics inside and if the track has no lyrics, download them automatically from LyricWiki and save them in track file. For sure, everything can be performed automatically (download and save).
You dreamt of your own radio station? With and scrobbling feature of TunesArt, it will now be possible! You’ll be able to publish track name and other information, right on your profile. Two modes are offered: normal mode and ‘Now Playing’ mode which does not affect your musical profile.
Other features

    * Automatic download of cover arts when a song has none
    * Rate current played song ‘on-the-fly’
    * Growl notifications support
    * Fast access to your playlists in a submenu
    * Get visual feedback for most common operations (volume, play, rating…)
    * Automatic updates
    * Automatic launch at login

… and above all, TunesArt is free of charge!


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