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Flash Video Downloader 2 is for batch download and save streaming flash videos

Mac OS X 10.4 or later


Flash Video Downloader 2 is an application which allows you to easily batch download and save streaming flash videos from just about any website with streaming flash videos as long as the videos are set to autoplay (that is, they start playing when the page loads). Examples of sites are,, and, but just about any website will work. Instead of sifting through the html code of the webpage to find the flash video, Flash Video Downloader 2 actually checks where the video is coming from and download it, which will ensure that it will still work even if the page has changed. It can even download videos that require you to login to the website and videos from websites that first play an advertisement. Flash Video Downloader 2 can also download up to 5 videos at a time in order to significantly improve the overall download time.


    * Automatically checks for the newest version
    * Downloads the video files (.flv) for you so you don't have to deal with complicated "flash video downloading websites" or firefox extensions anymore
    * Will continue working even if a flash video site changes its coding because it actually checks where the videos is instead of relying on sifting through html code
    * Downloads up to 5 videos simultaneously to significantly speed up the overall process
    * Can download videos that require you to login to the website first
    * Able to download videos that first play an advertisement before the actual video
    * Allows many videos to be downloaded in a batch process, leaving you free to go do something else while Flash Video Downloader takes care of your videos for you
    * Shows the progress of each video as well as the overall process
    * Has optional Growl Support to easily notify you of the current progress
    * Can shut down the computer and/or beep when its finished
    * It's Free!

Known Issues

"Debugger() was called!" messages in console
There is a bug in WebKit (webview) and/or the Flash plugin which creates these messages.  Unfortunately, I have no way to fix this.  However, it does not "hurt" Flash Video Downloader 2 in any way.

Can hear audio from advertisements
While Flash Video Downloader 2 is waiting for an advertisement to finish, it plays the audio from the advertisement; I have not been able to find a way to mute the sound.  The workaround is for you to mute the sound on your computer (or just ignore it).  I will continue to try to find a solution to this issue.   

The author of Flash Video Downloader 2 acknowledges that there is the potential for this software program to be used in a manner that may violate the terms of use of some websites and/or the copyright protections of videos that are hosted on some websites.  It is not the intention of the author that users of this program exploit this ability to download the videos that fall within the mentioned cases (or other cases where the legality is not clear or against this practice).  Flash Video Downloader 2 should be used to download streaming flash videos from websites where such a program is allowed to be used.  Additionally, videos should only be downloaded if the user is the copyright owner or there is no copyright owner.  As a result of the potential misuse of this product, this disclaimer is necessary to inform the user that it is the responsibility of the user to act within accordance of the law and/or other restrictions.  The author cannot be held liable for any misuse of Flash Video Downloader 2; the user is responsible for his or her actions and should be held liable as such.  To clarify, misuse is defined as (but not limited to): using Flash Video Downloader 2 in any way which is not in accordance with the law and/or the terms of use of a given website.  Users should carefully read the terms of use of a website before downloading videos from it; users should also be familiar with the law that governs them in order that they will not violate it if using Flash Video Downloader 2 would cause a violation.  This disclaimer is not all-inclusive and may be updated at any time.  Just because something is not specifically mentioned in this disclaimer, does not mean that it can be held against the author.  As to how far this disclaimer and the liability of any actions taken by the user and their activities with Flash Video Downloader 2 can be taken shall be determined by the author if such an event occurs.


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