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PySyCache is an educational software for Learning to Use a Mouse

PySyCache is an educational software:

    * for young children (4 to 7 years old)
      the targeted users of PySyCache are young kids, but they may be older (i.e. users which aren't used to computers) or disabled persons (PySyCache used in their rehabilitation)
    * which main purpose is helping them in using the mouse like:
          o mouse movements
          o clicks (with left, right or middle buttons)
          o drag and drop

Pysycache doesn't require a powerful computer (1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM), and can be used:

    * at home with your children
    * at school

PySyCache requirements are: Python and Pygame
PySyCache is known to work on FreeBSD, Linux, Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

Last update: October 2006

Here, you can download the main programm of Pysycache. I must have made a choice between :

    a lot of pictures and themes
    a correct size of download

so by default, Pysycache comes with a little number of GPL themes for each activity (more than 100 pictures) and you will download additionnal themes (see below).

choice All platforms
sources sources (zip)    version 3.1b (43 554  ko) (HTTP) (FTP)

choice FreeBSD
FreeBSDFreeBSD port (by Jose Alonso Cardenas Marquez)    the freshports site (2.0 release)

choice Linux
archlinux Archlinux (by Gilles CHAUVIN)    Arch Linux repository (3.0.1 release)
deb Debian (by Jose L. Redrejo Rodriguez) : Pysycache is in the testing branch    Search on the Debian packages
mandriva Mandriva (by : vind Karlsen)    Mandrivaclub (2.0 release)
suse OpenSuse (by )    (3.0.1 release) repository
slack Slackware (by Marc POIROUD)    (2.1 release) site de Marc
zenwalk Zenwalk (by fredg)    (2.1 release) Tuxgames
help I'm looking for contributors for make packages for others distributions (Fedora, Red Hat...) !

choice Windows
windows setup (with python and pygame included)    version 3.1b (26 637 ko)
There is a bug with the windows installer : the working directory is not correctly written. So you have to to it manually :

choice Zeta OS
Zeta It exists a Zeta OS package (2.1 release)    the site

You can find more of GPL themes (with size from 2 to 30 Mo) in third step (additionnal themes)next
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