Author Topic: MSN Favorites Export Toolkit transforms the MSN favorites file into IE bookmarks  (Read 5508 times)

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MSN Favorites Export Toolkit transforms the MSN favorites file into IE bookmarks

MSN Favorites Export Toolkit
Updated 07-09-2006

Oddly enough, Internet Explorer cannot import your MSN Explorer favorites. This toolkit does the job by transforming the MSN favorites file (favorites.xml) into a Netscape favorites file (bookmark.htm) that is (ironically) suitable for import into IE.

NB: There's now another solution to this problem: import your MSN favorites in Windows Live Favorites and export them to IE.

If you don't find favorites.xml on your system:

This file is generally marked as hidden / system. Please set the Search options accordingly when using Windows Explorer to locate this file. It is usually located in C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\MSNx\UserData\{xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx}, x being replaced with different digits depending on your configuration.

If you still don't find favorites.xml, proceed as follows:

    * Go to the Start | Programs | Accessories menu and open the Command Prompt window.
    * Make sure you are in the root folder (c:\ - otherwise, execute the following command: cd \).
    * Enter the following command: c:\>attrib /s favorites.xml . If this file exists on your disk, attrib will find it and tell you where it is.

Occasionally, the XSL transformation of the MSN XML document may fail. This might be due to special characters not being processed correctly by MSXML. The readme file contains instructions about how to handle this issue. If you still encounter such difficulties, please e-mail us your favorites.xml file. The process may also fail if you have an older version of MSXML, in which case you can update here.

Download and install either Microsoft XML Parser 3.0 SP 4 or Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 Service Pack 2 (preferred choice).

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