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Macaw is a Music synthesizer, sequencer, waves and sampler App for Windows


The Macaw music software is a program that implements a clip based MIDI sequencer, which drives a variety of the most excellent built in plugin instruments and effects, as well as external MIDI devices and also loads VST plugin instruments and effects. It has a soundfont loader and wave editor.

Load soundfonts into the Macaw plugins such as Fiction, Sampler1, MusicBlaster and XFact2 and get the most out of your soundfonts. I recommend the free GeneralUserGS soundfont by S. Christian Collins to get the best standard MIDI instruments.

The program is at a very mature stage and works fine for composing music and live playback of samples and plugins. The plugins and sampler and MIDI tracks can be played using the PC keyboard, or a MIDI keyboard or other MIDI controller.

A list of features:

    * Multitrack MIDI Sequencer.
    * Clip based sequencer.
    * Sampler - load soundfonts, edit soundfonts.
    * Synth - load plugins.
    * Load VST plugins.
    * Edit waves.
    * Help file.
    * Import MP3, Ogg, AIFF, Voc, WAV etc...
    * Export whole song to MP3, OGG or make samples per key or split to the soundfont editor.

Download the Macaw installer here. -- After download unzip the zip file and run the setup program.

Download the Macaw sources here. -- This source should compile without modification in Delphi5. Possibly some modifications needed for newer versions of Delphi.

See the downloads page for other downloads, such as VST plugin packs and soundfont packs.

Version 3.01 Changes

    * This is a major upgrade.
    * Fix VST thread problems. Problem of stalling VSTs should be solved. VST now more reliable.
    * Fix VST timing problems. Now sending correct PPQN to plugins.
    * Fix plugin sync to host. Now syncing properly to host PPQN.
    * Fix clear audio files bug.
    * Improved theming - Now switch visual styles from selection of menu item.
    * Improved instrument envelopes - More features for anti-click.
    * Improved instrument sequencers - added step sequencers with 64 steps to the main instruments such as Ventura6 and universal.
    * Fixed envelopes of Universal.
    * Fixed value maps and XY controllers in Universal.
    * Tested Universal more in Fruity Loops demo. Works good there and in Macaw.
    * More presets.
    * More waves per standard oscillator, including strings organ sound.
    * New 20 oscillator additive synth.
    * Improved piano roll behaviour with controller values for velocity.
    * Improved VST automation.
    * Added groove control to "groove" the timing of the Macaw sequencer.
    * Added some buttons for picking random presets of the disk for all the main Macaw Plugins.
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