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Movie Rotator lets you rotate digital camera and Quicktime videos

Instantly rotate digital camera Quicktime movies

With the free Movie Rotator software you can instantly rotate digital camera and Quicktime videos easily and reliably, with the click of a button.

If you have digital movies which are in a landscape orientation, and you want them in portrait oprientation, Movie Rotator can rotate them so that you can view them easily.

Movie Rotator can only rotate Quicktime (MOV) Movies, and requires Quicktime which can be downloaded free from Apple's website. If your digital camera stores videos in AVI, MPG, 3GP or some other format/file, then Movie Rotator can't rotate them.

Movie Rotator is free software. If you find it useful, please help support Movie Rotator by making a small donation.

Movie Rotator requires:
Apple Quicktime
Windows XP or Vista

About Movie Rotator
Movie Rotator was written by Chris Pearce, and is available free of charge. It is also open source software, so you can download, change, and redistribute the software under the GPLv2 License.
If you have any problems, concerns, suggestions, etc, please send me an email at
If Movie Rotator is crashing or can't rotate a particular Quicktime movie, please email me your movie so that I can test it myself and figure out what's wrong. Please don't email me any movies larger that 10MB though!


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