Author Topic: Hex&Decimal lets you convert either way between Decimal and Hexadecimal  (Read 2327 times)

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Hex&Decimal lets you convert (either way) between the Decimal and Hexadecimal numeral bases ....  ???

Software Santa Likes getting the Decimal equivalents of certain Hexadecimal Numbers (that read as English Words).

Examples:  You and your 3501 hail 10 3243 to 10 51966 to 65261 10 donut to your 64206. (can you read that sentence?  ;D :joker: )

Or Software Santa will use it when converting decimal constant values: for embedding them in the Machine Coding (in the instruction set tables) .... There is an Obscure use this in Math Class too.

Hex&Decimal is a very simple script that does 1 of 2 things ... converts an entered hexadecimal value to its corresponding decimal value, or converts an entered decimal value to its corresponding hexadecimal value.


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