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The University of Michigan software archives are an Archive of REALLY OLD Software from the 1990's

A Software "Time Capsule" a Decade Old! Wow! I cracked it open and peeked in. Ewwwwwwwwww .... who left this Fish in here?!? (Jolly Joker .... )

Oh, Wow! A veritable gold mine of Antiques! Date last modified: 11-March-2000
Have you ever asked yourself "Now where am I going to find that Old MS-DOS Program?"

Or, dug up that old System 6 or 7 Mac SE and replaced its PRAM battery. You want the best old Macintosh games for it .....

The U-M Software Archives

The Archives Are In Hiberation (but hopefully not dead, yet)

We haven't been able to update the archives in a long time due to lack of support from the University and lack of support of volunteers. I hope to change this situation soon. If you're up to a challenge and would like to help us out in "resurrecting" the U-M archives (and for you U-M folks checking this page, it's doubly desirable if you're on campus), drop me a line. Thanks.

Want to get into (what's left of) the archives the easy way?

The Apollo Archives

The Apple II Archives

The Atari Archives

The Linguistics Archives

The Macintosh Archives

The MS-Dos Archives

The Physics Archives

The X11 Archives

This is a simple way to do it. Eventually we'll add a nicer looking interface.

Our Preferred Ways To Get Into The Archives

read this and pay attention

Our WWW interface at www is conditional... it's the general http server for the University of Michigan. Consequently, if the system administrators discover that the load average is becoming unbearable because of people retrieving files, they've reserved the right to disallow access via www

Therefore, the Archivists request you use these mechanisms as much as possible (in order of preference):

1) the number one way to get into the U-M archives is via AFS. If you have AFS, all our files are kept in the directory "/afs/". If you have AFS, PLEASE USE IT!

2) Gophering to and looking under the "Software Archives" choice.

3) This WWW interface is fine, at this point.
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