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OpenWire is a FREE Gnutella peer-to-peer file sharing client for Almost All Operating Systems! Does NOT work on Mac OS 10.7 "Lion" and Beyond!!!!


LimeWire is under a court order dated October 26, 2010 to stop distributing the LimeWire software. A copy of the injunction can be found here. LimeWire LLC, its directors and officers, are taking all steps to comply with the injunction. We have very recently become aware of unauthorized applications on the internet purporting to use the LimeWire name. We demand that all persons using the LimeWire software, name, or trademark in order to upload or download copyrighted works in any manner cease and desist from doing so. We further remind you that the unauthorized uploading and downloading of copyrighted works is illegal. If you have downloaded LimeWire software in the past, files on your personal computers containing private or sensitive information may have been inadvertently shared and you should use your best efforts to remove the software from your computers.

LimeWire was a file sharing application running on the Gnutella Network. It was open standard software running on an open protocol, free for the public to use. LimeWire allows you to share any file such as.mp3s, .avi's, jpg's, tiffs, etc. Limewire is written in Java, and will run on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Sun, and other computing platforms. Publish your original content to the world without setting up a website!

OpenWire allows you to search for multiple files at the same time, available in several different languages, and is most famous for its ease-of-use and cross-platform compatibility. OpenWire will run on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris, and other operating systems.

      No spyware. No adware. Guaranteed.
   2. Firewall to Firewall Transfers.
      Since about 60% of users are currently firewalled, this feature greatly increases the amount of content on the network.
   3. Faster network connections.
      Using new "UDP Host Caches", OpenWire starts up and connects faster then ever before!
   4. Universal Plug 'N Play.
      UPnP support allows OpenWire to find more search results and have faster downloads.
   5. iTunes Integration.
      Windows users can now take advantage of OpenWire's iTunes integration.
   6. Creative Commons Integration.
      OpenWire now recognizes OGGs and MP3s licensed under a Creative Commons License.
   7. "What's New?" feature.
      Users can browse the network for the most recent content additions.
   8. Search drill down results.
      Searches in OpenWire now immediately display the artists, albums and other information that fully describes files.
   9. Proxy support.
      Users can now use web proxies to route their downloads to protect their identity.
  10. Support for International searches and International groups.
      Users can now search in any language, and OpenWire ensures that a user will be connected to other users with their own language to aide international users to receive search results in their native language and to find content from sources that are close to home.

OpenWire still has the following great features:

    * Ease of use. Just install, run, and search.
    * Ability to search by artist, title, genre, or other meta-information.
    * Elegant multiple search tabbed interface.
    * "Swarm" downloads from multiple hosts help you get files faster.
    * iTunes integration for Mac users.
    * Unique "ultrapeer" technology reduces bandwidth requirements for most users.
    * Integrated chat.
    * Browse host feature. Even works through firewalls.
    * Added Bitzi metadata lookup.
    * International versions: Now available in many new languages.
    * Connects to the network using GWebCache, a distributed connection system.
    * Automatic local network searches for lightning-fast downloads. If you're on a corporate or university network, download files from other users on the same network almost instantaneously!
    * Support for MAGNET links that allow you to click on web page links that access Gnutella.

Did that mean you are not allowed to click this link?
Because ... a file STILL Downloads!
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