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The Cheat is a universal game hacker or trainer for Mac OS X. NOT Easy to USE!

Last version is from 2010:

The Cheat

The legendary universal game trainer for Mac OS X. This baby empowers you to search the memory footprints of other running processes and even do a little covert tweaking. The most apparent (and awesome) application for this gem is changing the values of interesting variables within games in real time. Yeah, that might be considered cheating, which is where this little program gets its name. Here is a rundown of the most notable features:

    * Search for many types of variables, including strings, integers, and floating point numbers.
    * Bonjour-aware networking allows you to cheat remotely from another computer.
    * File saving and opening. Once you find a cheat, save it and maybe it will work next time.

While development on The Cheat has been dormant, another project named  iHaxGamez has taken up the banner and gathered itself a following. I don't know anything about it, but it might be more up-to-date and suit your needs better, so you should also check it out.


 The Cheat 1.2.1 for Mac OS X 10.2+, PPC - This is the last official release, but there are newer versions. See the comment below.

Size: 213K
 MD5: 5f9244c96943a7786924dfcd132403d8

 The Cheat 1.2.1 Source Code

Size: 337K
 MD5: 3fe38a8d719e9bfad8e1f6a600d99a49

This version is the last release that I had anything to do with, but there are newer versions contributed by third parties which include bug-fixes and stability improvements. I personally have not tested any of these other versions, so please enjoy at your own risk. As usual, this software comes "as is" and without warranty. In reality, you probably have no reason to either trust or distrust these new versions any more or less than you trust or distrust my own releases. I just want to make it very clear that I am merely hosting these new and improved versions as a public service and am not responsible for them. If you understand the risks, you can get these new (and hopefully improved) versions from one of the directories listed below. You may also want to check the  README file before proceeding to see what has changed.

Latest release:  The Cheat 1.2.5 (with 64-bit support), 22 Nov 2010 by Zhe Fang. Check the archives for other versions:

    *  FTP
    *  HTTP

If you are a developer and want to compile the program yourself, the source code is also available for these newer versions.

Tutorials, Help, and Getting Started

If you are using an Intel Mac, reports suggest that you must change a certain kernel option in order for The Cheat to work. Open up and enter this:

sudo sysctl -w kern.tfp.policy=1

You can set this option automatically when the machine starts by writing kern.tfp.policy=1 to /etc/sysctl.conf.

Many people find that this software is not easy to use, mainly because the process of searching memory and working with memory addresses is something only computer programmers usually concern themselves with. If you don't already know something about bits and bytes, this software does require patience and a willingness to experiment and learn new things. Programmers will probably automatically understand what to do, but The Cheat also comes with pretty good documentation in the Help menu if you're not sure where to start. If you are completely new to the concept of a game trainer, your first reading assignments should include the following tutorials. They will show you the basics of what this software can accomplish and give you a head start.

    * How to Cheat Tux Racer
    * How to Cheat Yoink

If you need additional help, you can contact me, but I probably won't be able to be as helpful as you would hope. I don't have a Mac anymore, and it's been a long time since I've even used The Cheat. You may have better luck searching the internet for other people using The Cheat (they're out there) and asking them questions.

Or, maybe your question has already been asked. Check the new FAQ page!


This software is licensed according to the terms and conditions of the 2-clause BSD License. If I remember correctly, I originally released the source code under a GPL license, so the source code package may contain references to that license, but the code has since been relicensed with more lenient conditions.

History and Contributors

The Cheat is the project I cut my teeth on as I was learning Objective-C and good programming practice in general. I had been tinkering in software since I was a small child, but this peach of a project is my first one that actually did something useful. Yet, it wouldn't have been possible without the support of several other contributors, in no particular order:

    *  Andrew Smith contributed icons and provided moral support and friendship. Thanks!
    * Ed Palma provided the original vision, especially with regards to the network support and remote cheating.
    * Adrien Pujol and Zhe Fang have done some work maintaining The Cheat since my Mac died.
    * I know there were many others who should be in this list, but please forgive my poor memory.
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