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The Butterfly Effect is a physics game about cause and effect for Windows or Linux

The Butterfly Effect is a physics game about cause and effect. You build complex mechanical systems using levers, rocket-like cola bottles and ordinary objects like tennis balls and bikes to accomplish simple tasks like toppling a Bowling Pin. This is also known as a Rube Goldberg machine or a Heath Robinson contraption. Several videos portraying this type of machines have been made over the years.
 It also inspired computer games. This type of game was pioneered by the game series The Incredible Machine in the 1990s. Several attempts have been done to build open source versions of TIM over time - as far as we can tell all efforts were abandoned.
 Development  This is the TRAC (project management environment) for TBE. You can use TRAC to see what is going on in TBE development; to file bugs and feature requests.
 The latest version is Milestone 9, released August 12, 2011. This release contains 40 playable levels. The release is available as Linux installers, a Windows installer and source archive. There will be a maintenance release for issues found.
 We are now actively working on Milestone A. It will be a feature release, adding a completely new UI and probably a few new levels.
 If you want more info about the various milestones, please click on the roadmap link in the top bar.
 Feedback / Questions / Support  Feedback and questions can be sent to our forums .
 We'd love to hear from you: which levels were a breeze? Which levels are impossible?
 Want to Help?  Any kind of help will be appreciated, but we are especially looking for: level designers, translators and maybe another coder or two :-)
 Drop lspace a line or join one of our mailing lists.
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