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Depeche View loads all text files from a folder, showing all content in one window

Depeche View loads all text files from a folder, showing all content in one window.
It is used to search, analyze and edit huge amounts of text (source code, CSV data, log files or documentation) at high speed with the smallest possible effort. Portable executable, try the freeware edition without installation!


    * loads thousands of text files in one window.
    * instant search as you type, without dialogues.
    * search a word just by clicking on it.
    * copy a line, create bookmarks with one click.
    * integrate with your favourite editor through
         self-defined commands on function keys.


    * Depeche View Base is free for private, non-commercial use.
    * no installation. instant use!
    * ideal for your usb stick.

        The Extended Edition allows instant editing, reloading of changed files, direct reading of Zip, Jar and .tar.bz2 contents, clipboard loading and more.

The current version is 1.4.4. (changelist). You may also download from sourceforge or CNet.

A demo video is available on youtube, searching text across ten thousands of files.
Another large demo video is available on downloadtube.

Under Windows, run the tool through double-click, then click on Open and select a folder
containing many text files. Alternatively, open a command line and type "dview dirname".
Under Linux or Macintosh (i686): make sure Wine 1.1.37 or higher is installed, then type
"wine dview.exe -linux" to run the tool in Linux compatible mode.

Both ways will run Depeche View. The tool will load all text files from the given directory,
and all subdirectories, and display their contents in a single window:

Depeche View, all in one window
Example: Browsing a 9000 files Open Source project using Depeche View.

Search as you type.

     To start searching for a word, just type it. No drop down menus, no filling out
     of dialogues, nothing - just type the word. When you stop typing, dview will
     search for it, instantly and across all files. In the above example, the word
     "description" was typed and searched. The hits are highlighted in red and yellow.

Search as you click.

     Another instant way of searching a word is to click on any word within the text.
     If you SHIFT+click on the word EXTMGR_FUNC_INIT in the above example,

Depeche View, one click search

     it is searched instantly, and instantly you jump to the first occurrence, again.

Fly by mouse.

     To fly over all hits for the current search, hold SHIFT and turn the mouse wheel down.
     you will step over every occurrence in every file. Again, no dialogue boxes,
     you don't even have to press any key, e.g. to jump from file to file - nothing.
     If you're on a notebook without a mouse, use SHIFT+CURSOR DOWN instead.

New views by a single click.

     As said above, a SHIFT+left button click on any word searches it instantly,
     within the same window. But what if you want to stay with one piece of text,
     and search another word in a second window? Simple: do a right mouse click.


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