Author Topic: Swiss File Knife is a cross platform file tree processor plus much more!  (Read 2685 times)

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Swiss File Knife is a Windows+Linux+Mac file tree processor (plus much more!)

Swiss File Knife - the open source file tree processor
is a free multi function command line tool that belongs onto every usb stick. download from sourceforge. this package contains binaries, source and buildscripts for windows and linux. You may also download just the windows executable sfk.exe or the linux binary for Ubuntu or DSL. No installation, no registry entries, no DLL's - one exe handles all.

Intense users may be interested in Swiss File Knife Extended Edition (XE), which can also
read .zip, .jar, .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 file contents. Read more on that here.
You may place questions in the sfk forums, or submit a tracker request.
For software download sites: the SFK PAD file is available here.

SFK binaries for Apple Macintosh are available but these are experimental and unsupported. SFK Extended Edition is not available for Macintosh.

Now follows the sfk for windows syntax overview. (on linux, replace every ! character by :, and every $ by #. type wildcards with a preceeding slash: \* and \?)

Windows+Linux file tree processor, binary grep, treesize, instant ftp+http server, line filter, text replace, dupfind, join files, md5 lists, run command on files, extract strings, detab, patch, tail, hexdump. no installation, ideal for usb stick.


    * text file filter and replace
    * command line grep and find for text and binary files
    * run command on all files of a directory tree
    * instant command line ftp and http server for windows and linux
    * instant command line file transfer between windows and linux
    * find duplicate files by content
    * split and join large files
    * create and verify md5 lists of files
    * detab text files
    * convert between lf (unix) and crlf (windows) line endings
    * show head or tail of text files
    * create hexdump of binary files
    * list files of directory tree by time, size, name pattern
    * list directory differences showing added or changed files
    * list nested .zip .tar .tar.gz .tar.bz2 archive contents
    * print traffic of a tcp, http, udp connection
    * command line file tool package without installation
    * multi function file tool for usb stick

Release Date:

File Management, Search, Text Processing

Operating System:
All 32-bit MS Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP),
Linux, OS Portable (Source code to work with many OS platforms)

BSD License

Intended Audience:
Advanced End Users, Developers

User Interface:

Programming Language:


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