Author Topic: Gabble is a Cocoa native Yammer client for Mac OS X 10.5.8 or Later  (Read 2703 times)

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Gabble is a Cocoa native Yammer client for Mac OS X 10.5.8 or Later


Yammer is great. So is Mac OS X. Wouldn't it be even greater if there was a native Yammer client for Mac OS X? Well now there is!

Introducing Gabble, the first (and only) Yammer desktop client designed specifically for the world's best operating system. Let Windows users wrestle with that crazy Adobe Air stuff. For Mac users there's now a better way.

Gabble is written in Cocoa and Objective-C 2.0, which means it's a first class citizen of your desktop and behaves the way you expect it to. So you can spend less time frustrated by annoying UI inconsistencies and more time enjoying the social media revolution.


    * Normal and Threaded View. Display messages in a linear list or grouped into threads.
    * Groups. Support for public and private groups, including viewing messages, joining, and leaving.
    * Posting, Replying, and Private Messages. Easily update your status or reply to posts, globally or within specific groups. Send private messages directly to individual users. Autocompletion for users and tags helps you as you type.
    * Attachments. Download all attachments in a post with a single click; drag and drop files into your message for uploading. View inline images with the built-in image viewer.
    * Liking and Bookmarks. Mark messages as liked; bookmark your favorite messages.
    * Tags and Search. Add feeds of your favorite tags or saved searches directly to the sidebar for quick access.
    * Notifications. Growl support, plus optional dock badge displaying number of new messages.
    * Message Styles. Choose from different message styles, including dark and condensed themes.
    * 100% Adobe free. No Adobe Air needed.



      How do I enable multi-account support in Gabble?

      Gabble does not officially support multiple accounts at this time, but as of version 1.5.2 there is a workaround in that it is possible to run more than one instance of the application at once. Thus, you can have multi-account support by having each Gabble instance logged into a different account. It does require some manual setup, however, as detailed below. Also note that you will need to repeat these steps each time Gabble is updated.

      Running multiple instances of Gabble:

      1) Duplicate Gabble by selecting it in the Finder and choosing 'File' > 'Duplicate'. Rename the duplicate to whatever you want (e.g., Gabble 2)
      2) Ctrl-click the duplicate and choose 'Show Package Contents'
      3) Open 'Contents' and open the 'Info.plist' file (you can open it with TextEdit)
      4) Search for the key named 'CFBundleIdentifier'. The string will be com.erikhinterbichler.Gabble. Change this to: com.erikhinterbichler.Gabble2 (or com.erikhinterbichler.Gabble3 if it's a third instance, etc.)
      5) Save the file. You can then open the duplicate and authorize it. (Note if authorization fails, you may need to quit any other running Gabble instances before authorizing. Once authorization is completed, you can open the other Gabble instances).


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