Author Topic: Swarm Racer lets you take control of a whole swarm bee droids and fly on a track  (Read 1919 times)

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Swarm Racer lets you take control of a whole swarm bee droids and fly around a plasmatronic racetrack!

Software Santa LOVES his Copy! A Software Santa Pick!

Swarm Racer
Swarm Racer is a different kind of racing game. Instead of controlling a single vehicle, take control of a whole swarm of bees and fly around the track while strategically shifting your swarm into different formations. Featuring funky chip music and plasmatronic backgrounds, Swarm Racer is nothing but pure retro gaming goodness!

How to Play

The object of Swarm Racer is to collect all of the gems on each track as fast as possible. You can control the size of your swarm using Z and X. Spread out to collect a whole bunch of gems, or regroup to duck around a tight corner. If you get a fast time, you win a trophy depending on how fast you were. See if you can collect all eight gold trophies. Bet you can't!

Available to download for the following platforms. Its free!
 Download for Mac (1420k)
 Download for Windows (1170k)
 Download for Linux
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