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Sumatra PDF is a slim, free, open-source PDF reader for Windows. Portable out of the box!

What is Sumatra PDF?

Sumatra PDF is a slim, free, open-source PDF reader for Windows. Portable out of the box.
Why another PDF reader?

Sumatra has a minimalistic design. Simplicity has a higher priority than a lot of features.

It's small and starts up very fast.

It's designed for portable use: only one file so you can run it from external USB drive. Doesn't write to registry.

Keyboard shortcuts
j/k, Up/Down:     scroll up/down by line
space:     scroll by screen
backspace:     scroll back by screen
n/p:     next/previous page
Page Down/Page Up:     next/previous page
<Alt> + Left:     go back
<Alt> + Right:     go forward
<Ctrl> + G, g:     go to page
Home:     go to first page
End:     go to last page
   Viewing state
+:     zoom in
-:     zoom out
<Ctrl> + scroll wheel     zoom in/out
<Shift> <Ctrl> +:     rotate clockwise
<Shift> <Ctrl> -:     rotate counter-clockwise
<Ctrl> + L, F11:     full screen
F12:     show/hide PDF bookmarks (table of contents)
F6:     switch focus between bookmarks window and main window
<Ctrl> + Left Mouse:     select text and copy to clipboard
<Ctrl> + O:     open PDF file
<Ctrl> + W:     close PDF file
<Ctrl> + S:     save as
<Ctrl> + P:     print
r:     reload
<Ctrl> + F:     find text
F3/<Shift> + F3:     find next/previous
<Ctrl> + Q, q:     quit program
Command-line arguments
   Command-line arguments
-page $pageno     open PDF at a given page
-nameddest $dest     open PDF at a specified named destination
-lang $language     set user interface language. $language is a two-letter language code e.g. "en", "de"
-title $title     set the window title
-restrict     run in restricted mode. In restricted mode some options are disabled
-reuse-instance     use existing Sumatra process instead of starting a new process
-register-for-pdf     forces registering Sumatra as a default reader for PDF files and exits
-esc-to-exit     if given, ESC key will exit the program. It's persisted in settings file, so only needs to be provided once
-bgcolor $color     change the yellow background color to a provided color in hex format (e.g. 0xffff00)
Note: -esc-to-exit and -bgcolor options change the defaults and persist them in sumatrapdfprefs.dat file (in %appdata%\SumatraPDF directory if installed, in the same directory as executable in portable mode). To revert back to defaults, you can delete sumatrapdfprefs.dat file.

LaTeX preview support

Sumatra has built-in support for easy previewing of LaTeX documents. Read this page for more information and detailed instructions on how to configure various text editors to integrate with Sumatra's preview functionality.

If "Remember settings for each document" is turned on and a PDF is later opened again, Sumatra PDF will return to the page shown when it was closed. Settings are not only stored for those 10 files shown in the "File" menu - but resuming will not work if the file has been moved in the meantime

Some settings (e.g. fullscreen) are saved as defaults without a GUI option, when SumatraPDF is closed without any document open.
Known limitations

Printing in Sumatra is slow. Version 1.2 will have significant improvements.

Filling interactive forms and adding comments is not implemented.
Disable viewing PDF files directly in web browser (IE and Firefox)
Adobe Acrobat also comes with Internet Explorer and Firefox plugin which makes it take over PDF files downloaded via browser and display them directly in the browser.

This is not always a desired behaviour and you can use Sumatra as the default PDF viewer in both IE and Firefox, without completely uninstalling Adobe Acrobat.

Here are the steps (based on this blog post):

    * Launch Adobe Acrobat
    * Select Edit/Preferences
    * Select Internet
    * Uncheck Display PDF in browser
    * Click OK
    * Launch Sumatra PDF viewer
    * Select menu Setting/Options... and click "Make SumatraPDF my main PDF reader" button

Clicking on links to PDF documents should no longer open the embedded viewer but pop up a dialog box. Select "Always perform this action..." checkbox if you want Sumatra to automatically open those PDF files.
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