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Blink is a state of the art easy to use SIP client for Windows or Linux.

Voice over IP    Instant Messaging    Presence    File Transfers    Desktop Sharing

Voice over IP
Instant Messaging
File Transfer
Desktop Sharing

    * HD Audio (G722/Speex)
    * PSTN Compatible (G711)
    * Encryption (sRTP)
    * NAT Traversal (ICE)
    * Multi-Party Conferencing


    * Chat Sessions (MSRP)
    * Encryption (TLS)
    * Rich-Text, Emoticons
    * Composing Indication


    * Presence (SIMPLE)
    * RLS Services
    * Offline Status
    * Server-side Storage (XCAP)
    * Buddylist Syncronization


    * Exchange Files (MSRP)
    * Encryption (TLS)
    * Drag and Drop Photos
    * Works behind NAT
    * Retry Transfers


    * Help Family Remotely
    * Collaboration at Work
    * Surf Internet Together
    * Integrated with Audio
    * Works behind NAT


Blink is a GUI for Windows and Linux built on top of SIP SIMPLE client SDK. Blink is written in Python, its PyQt4 binding of Qt for Windows and Linux.

Blink Qt
Blink Qt is designed to work on Linux OS and Microsoft Windows operating systems.


    * Support for multiple SIP accounts
    * Encryption for signaling and media
    * Self-update capability (Windows only)
    * Detection of IP address changes
    * SIP account sign-up at
    * Bonjour discovery mechanism
    * Integration with Google contacts (Windows and Linux)

Audio Sessions

    * Wideband Audio (G722 & speex)
    * Multiple parallel calls
    * Play hold tone and disconnect tone
    * In-band DTMF support for legacy devices
    * Silent mode (do not ring on incoming call)
    * Mute microphone
    * Audio recording
    * Displays packet loss and round trip time
    * Displays selected audio codec and sampling rate
    * Control for input, output and alert audio devices
    * Automatic DTMF mapping between letters and digits
    * Detection for addition and removal of audio devices (Windows only)
    * Voicemail Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
    * NAT traversal using ICE

    * Answering machine
    * Per account ringtones
    * Displays RTP end-point information
    * Displays ICE selected candidates
    * Automatically play and resume iTunes
    * Handle SIP URIs clicked in other applications

Dialing Out

    * Support for SIP addresses and telephone numbers
    * Strip unwanted characters from telephone numbers: (0) blocks, spaces, - and ()
    * Replace leading + from PSTN numbers with a custom prefix per account
    * Redial last call

Audio Conferencing

    * Multi-party conferencing with unlimited number of participants
    * Drag and Drop contacts to conferences
    * Mute individual participants
    * Multiple simultaneous conferences (Windows and Linux only)

Accept/Reject Calls

    * Display the caller icon and name retrieved from Address Book
    * Reject calls with 486 Busy (other devices keep ringing) or 603 Decline (all devices stop ringing)
    * Accept partial offers when INVITE contains multiple streams

Missed Calls

    * History
    * One click Dial from the History menu

Chat Sessions

    * Based on MSRP protocol with TLS and relay support
    * Tabs for separate sessions and detachable windows
    * Enable/disable emoticons per session
    * Colored display of success and failure delivery report for each message
    * Automatic accept chat sessions from known contacts
    * Is-composing indication
    * Automatic retransmission of last previously undelivered messages on re-connect
    * CPIM envelope, text/plain and text/html (receive only) content
    * Chat history
    * Growl notifications for unread messages

Chat Sessions
Not yet implemented


    * Growl notifications for unread messages
    * Split tabs in separate windows
    * Enable/disable emoticons
    * Colored display of success and failure delivery report for each message
    * Replication between multiple Blink instances

Not yet implemented.

File Transfers

    * Based on MSRP protocol with TLS and relay support
    * Drag and drop support
    * Displays transfer speed and remaining time
    * Automatic accept from known contacts
    * NAT traversal using MSRP relay

File Transfers
Not yet implemented.

Desktop Sharing

    * Based on VNC over MSRP protocol with TLS and relay support
    * Can be combined with Audio and Chat sessions

Desktop Sharing
Not yet implemented.


    * SIP, DNS and MSRP protocol trace to file or window
    * RTP statistics and ICE negotiation information


    * SIP, DNS, MSRP protocol trace to file
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