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Wagic the homebrew is a C++ game engine that allows to play card games against an AI

Wagic is a C++ game engine that allows to play card games against an AI on the Sony PSP, Windows and Linux. It is highly customizable and allows the player to tweak the rules / create their own cards, their own themes, etc...

Wagic works on Windows, Linux, the nokia N900 (maemo), and PSPs with a Custom Firmware (or homebrew-enabled if you can’t have custom firmware on your PSP) to run. If you don’t know what Custom Firmwares are, then it is highly probable that this game won’t run on your PSP

The current version is version 0.14.1

Each release is extensively tested on several machines including my own PSP/Computer. However Wagic is a work in progress so please check the buglist.
Wagic for the PSP is compatible with HBL and the TN Hen.

Wagic FAQ
What is Wagic?

Wagic is an heroic fantasy collectible trading card game (currently available for the PSP, Windows, and Linux). In Wagic, you play as a wizard against the CPU with your army of minions. You start the game with a small collection of cards (symbolizing creatures and spells), and as you win battles against the AI, you earn credits that allow you to buy more cards and build more powerful decks. As you play, you unlock cards and new game modes, so Wagic is much more than a simple card simulation.
Wagic features several thousands of cards in the official release,but if that’s not enough for you, it is highly customizable and allows to create your own cards and mods. Oh, and Wagic is free and open source.

Why can’t I buy (insert here name of a set) boosters and starters in the shop?

The shop sells starters and boosters only for sets that have at least 80 playable cards. Additionally, you need to unlock expansions before they are available in the shop
I can only buy boosters and cards from 10E in the shop, what’s going on?

You need to unlock the other expansions before you can access them in the shop
How do I unlock expansions?

This happens randomly as you win games against the AI
I get the following error when I try to launch the game : “The game could not be started (80020148)”

Wagic is a Homebrew, not an official game. As such, it will not work on a standard sony firmware, it requires a Custom firmware (or a “homebrew enabled” PSP) to run
Does Wagic handle all “Magic The Gathering” cards?

No. Wagic does rules enforcement, so for some MTG cards, some code is necessary before you can play them in Wagic
Is there a list of cards I can use in Wagic?

The List of cards included in the latest Wagic release can be found here. For user-created sets, kindly ask the author. For the “core” version of Wagic, you can also open the “mtg.txt” files in Res/sets/primitives/ with a text editor to see what cards are available.
Can I create my own cards/Add some cards I like?

Yes, see this article
Can you add my favorite card to the game? I badly need it to reproduce my real life Deck in Wagic!

Sorry, we don’t accept cards requests at the moment. There might be occasional events in which I’ll consider donators’ requests for cards (this happened once) but no promise on that. Otherwise if you know C++ you can add it yourself, we are always looking for skilled developers
The game has no card pictures, it’s ugly! where do I get the pictures?

We received a Cease and Desist order from Wizards of the Coast’s lawyers, asking us not to distribute copyrighted content anymore. The game still allows you to use card pictures of course, but you have to use your own, or find them by yourselves. Google is your friend.
How can I help?

We are constantly looking for C++ developers, testers, card creators, designers, donators… drop by the forum and say hello!
I don’t have a PSP, is there a windows version?

Yes, check the download section :)
How do I unlock the Momir Basic mode?

You have to win a game with exactly 8 lands in your control
How do I unlock the Difficult mode?

You have to have at least 10 Opponents marked as “easy”, and win an extra game. At that point, the difficult mode will be unlocked, and you can activate it in the options menu.
How do I unlock the Evil Twin mode?

You have to win a game,while having exactly the same number of cards in play as your opponent
How do I unlock the Random Deck mode?

You have to win a game, in difficult mode, with 20 life or more
There is a bug in fireball, I can choose targets but then the fireball does nothing

Once you’ve chosen your targets, you have to click on the fireball card again
I get a black screen when I try to run Wagic, then the PSP turns off

The game works, it’s tested on a fair amount of PSPs before and after each release. People who will tell you the opposite are just bitter for some reason. But a few reports tend to show that Wagic refuses to start in some rare conditions.
If Wagic crashes at startup, try the following steps:
- Download the latest version from the download page, erase any previous version of Wagic you had on your memory stick, and make a fresh install again.
- If this doesn’t help, try to remove “Res/sound/track0.mp3″ and “Res/sound/track1.mp3″, then run the game again
- If this didn’t help, try to run the game from IRShell. People have reported success with this method.
- If nothing helps, try to see This topic on the forums.


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