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Zint is an open source barcode generating solution for Linux and Windows systems.

Zint Barcode Studio:

1. Introduction

The Zint project aims to provide a complete cross-platform open source barcode generating solution. The package currently consists of a Qt based GUI, a command line executable and a library with an API to allow developers access to the capabilities of Zint. It is hoped that Zint provides a solution which is flexible enough for professional users while at the same time takes care of as much of the processing as possible to allow easy translation from input data to barcode image.

The library which forms the main component of the Zint project is currently able to encode data in over 50 barcode symbologies (types of barcode), for each of which it is possible to translate that data from either Unicode (UTF-8) or a raw 8-bit data stream. The image can be rendered as either a Portable Network Graphic (PNG) image, as Encapsulated Post Script (EPS) or as a Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG). Many options are available for setting the characteristics of the output image including the size and colour of the image, the amount of error correction used in the symbol and, in the case of PNG images, the orientation of the image.

If you find this project useful then please consider making a donation. Your support will ensure that we are able to continue to purchase and implement new barcode standards as they become available from various standards organisations.

What's In a Name?

In best GNU fashion the name "Zint" is a recursive acronym for "Zint is not Tec-It". Tec-It is an Austrian ISV who specialize in AIDC technologies and in particular their commercial products "Barcode Studio" and "TBarcode/X" perform very similar functions to Zint. In fact the design of Zint is heavily influenced by these products with the hope that it can provide a close to 'drop-in replacement' capability.

Please note, however, that Zint is released under the GNU General Public License. This means that, for developers, it is only suitable for use with other open source packages. Zint cannot be released under any other license. If you see a copy of Zint released under any other license then please report it. If you require commercially licensed software to create barcodes then please contact Tec-It.
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