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Tec-It offers Online Label Printing for VDA 4902, AIAG, MAT, Caterpillar and more!

Online Label Printing for VDA 4902, AIAG, MAT, Caterpillar and more!
Create and Print Labels Anywhere - TFORMer Online

Centralized label printing service for you, your partners, your suppliers and your customers. This service offers distributed online label printing without local software installation or label design efforts. Major industry and shipping label standards are supported, additional label layouts are available on request

It's that easy to create and print labels in an instant: Select the label layout, provide the variable label data and print the PDF!

Print Barcode Labels Online!

Choose the label category (e.g. VDA, AIAG, GS1, Caterpillar, ...), select the layout, provide the label data and print the generated PDF.
VDA 4902 VDA 4902AIAG Labels AIAG LabelsVolkswagen GTL Volkswagen GTLGeneral Motors General MotorsCaterpillar CaterpillarGS1 Labels GS1 LabelsOdette / Galia Odette / GaliaMAT Labels MAT LabelsDHL Labels DHL LabelsLTO Labels LTO LabelsMiscellaneous Miscellaneous
VDA 4902 and VDA-KLT-Label: Barcode Transport and Shipping Labels (VDA Labels) for Automotive Manufacturers and Suppliers.

More Information Required?

TEC-IT provides this online label generator for demonstration purposes. The label layouts were designed with TFORMer Designer, the output of this online service is created with TFORMer SDK. Contact us for commercial use or for general information!
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