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Gate 88 is a frenetic blend of real-time strategy and a 2D space shooter

Gate 88 is described by PC Gamer UK in "Asteroids what the Taj Mahal is Lego. In this fast-paced, frenetic blend of real-time strategy and 2D space shooter, players dogfight in an upgradable command ship while developing the base defense, the issue of attack squadron, and research new technologies. Although Gate 88s Abstract Vector school shameless art is old, boasts, the gameplay is anything but retro. His new, fresh and exciting.

Gate 88 is inspired by classics like Herzog Zwei, Star Control, Subspace, Homeworld, and Parsec 47.

Gate 88 is often described as "like subspace but with the ability to build turrets and command fighters." While a skillful pilot can decimate the enemy in one-on-one combat, a thoughtful player can overwhelm the opponent with strategic turret and fighter placements. However, only those who truly understand the intricate details of both action and strategy will win the day.

Because alliances can be broken on a whim, players must interpret the social situation of the game to ensure that each alliance is sincere. For example, it is not uncommon for an allied player to plant turrets and fighters within your base only to break the alliance and watch your empire crumble from within. Always be careful with your trust.

Gate 88 employs a unique user interface that allows players to pilot their ship while performing strategic operations. The tutorial and practice mode will get you up to speed.
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