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Cong is a utility to check the bundle of your Mac OS X applications.

What is Cong?
To check for leaks, you use leaks or Instruments. To check for obvious (or less obvious) bugs, you use gcc and LLVM options, or you use the Build and Analyze feature of Xcode. To check that your code works, you test it. But what do you use to check the resources of the bundle of your application? Say hello to Cong.

Checking what is obvious to stop being oblivious
Cong checks multiple points and details that can seem obvious but which are not always known by everyone. Your application may be running fine, may have won Awards and still be not perfect. For instance, did you know that there is a limited set of characters allowed for a bundle identifier and that '_' (underscore) is not one of them? Did you know that the recommended encoding for .strings files is UTF-16? Did you know that the CFBundleGetInfoString key is deprecated for Info.plist files?

If it's not easy, it's not funny
Nobody wants to spend his or her time checking Apple's documentation and inspecting files one by one when you could be catapulting birds on green pigs. Checking your application with Cong is easy. You just need to drop your application on Cong's icon in the Dock or on its default window. There's no step 2.

If you can read it, you can fix it
When Cong has finished inspecting your application, it will display for each problematic file the glitches it has found inside it.

There are 3 levels of glitches:
And it's a good idea to address all of them.


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