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Bun-Dun lets you take control of an adorable little robot and create the Universe!

For the Gamejolt Invention Contest.

Your name is Bun-Dun. You are a robot. You are God.

You have one task. You need to create the universe.

In Bun-Dun, players take control of an adorable little robot as they fly across the universe, building everything from the ground up. In the game, you will play through seven stages, collecting good energy while avoiding the bad. It sounds easy, but there's a catch: You have a time limit.

When you complete Story Mode, you will unlock two new game modes: Creation and Time Trial. In Creation Mode, you collect good and bad energies to form the world the way you want it. There are 7 endings to discover. In Time Trial, you race against time to rack up the highest score possible.


Arrow keys move Bun-Dun

M button mutes and unmutes the music

Developer's Challenge:

Here at Magnesium Ninja, we like to give you guys a friendly challenge every once in a while. If you manage to rack up more than 32,500 points in Time Trial mode, with photo/video evidence, we'll give you something special. You won't find out what it is unless you beat our score, however, so get cracking!


Alexandr Goncharuk:

Here's a quick shout out/thank you to our wonderful music composer. If you want to check out more of his work, go to

Thanks for supporting our game! We hope to see you in the future!


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