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Tripod is a Tri-ominoes board game for one to four players for Windows or Mac X! Not Updated since 2011 ... Still works on Windows and Older Macintosh Systems.

Windows Download:
Mac OS X Download:
Linux Source:

The Website is GONE forever. Even the Wayback Machine did not archive it. The Only Copy of the Rules is on this page, now. This game still works on Mac OS X 10.13 in the Year 2024, though ...

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Tripod is a board game for two to four players.

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to get the highest score points of all players. Block other players during the game e.g. by placing a stone with a color your opponents don't have or by being the first one placing a stone on a bonus field.

The Game

One player after each other places a stone on a field on the play board. For the first move only non-bonus multiplier fields are allowed, which means fields without a number on it. For all other moves the stone has to be placed on a field directly beside an already placed stone and the adjoining colors have to match.
There are two possibilities for the case that a player has no valid moves left. First to skip his turn and second to exchange a play stone from player's pool with one of the main pool.

After each move the score for that move is automatically calculated and added to the current player's score. The score is calculated by multiplying the stone number with the number of adjoining stones and with the bonus multiplier in case the field has one.

There is one pure white stone in the game, the joker. This stone matches every color and can be places besides every other stone. On the other hand after the joker was placed on the board any other stone can be placed adjacent to it.

At the end of each turn the player's stone pool will be automatically filled to a number of four stones. The game is over when the main stone pool is empty and no one can place another stone.
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