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Opt out from Yahoo Targeted Web Advertising with Yahoo Ad Interest Manager.

Ad-Supported Websites
Yahoo! is an advertising supported website. Most of the products and services we offer are largely free of charge to you because we display advertising. Other websites also partner with Yahoo! to show ads on their sites to support their offerings.

Network Advertising Initiative
Yahoo! is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI). To opt out of other ad networks or to learn more about network advertising, please visit the NAI site.

Other Inputs
In addition to the information shown here, Yahoo! may use publicly available information or information provided by partners to help customize some of the ads we show.

Ad Interest Manager BETA

To make our ads more relevant and useful for you, we make educated guesses about your interests based on your activity on Yahoo!’s sites and services. Some of the ads we show you reflect these interests. You can opt out of interest-based advertising altogether using the tools on this page.

Your Interest Categories      

We use information about many of the pages you have visited, ads you have seen and clicked, and some of your searches on Yahoo! to create interest categories that help us choose the kinds of ads you’ll see. You can edit or de-select categories here or opt out of interest-based ads altogether.
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