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Zoner Photo Studio Free is a photo editor and manager for Windows

Recommended by Gizmo Richards (or his staff) over at
Tech Support Alert!

My Thanks to him and his staff!

Manage, edit, and share your photos faster and more easily than ever before! This free software is the new way to work on your pictures with less hassle and more fun than you've ever seen. It's made for everyone, and will make you feel like a pro.

Photo Managing

Find, browse, and view your photos fast - never lose a picture again.

    * Download pictures easily
    * Get organized with Sort Pictures
    * Quickly find any photo
    * Describe and tag your pictures
    * Geotag to show where you took your shots

Photo Editing

From simple touchups and one-click fixes to fancy creative work, it's all here.

    * Quick Fix - fix it all in one click
    * Remove red eye, wrinkles. And other editing functions
    * Add cool effects
    * Fix exposure problems fast
    * Sharpen blurred pictures

Photo Sharing

We know sharing is the point, and you'll find lots of ways to do it.

    * Turn your pictures into panoramas...
    * ...or even 3D pictures
    * Share them with Facebook friends
    * Publish them on Flickr
    * Quick, impressive calendars


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