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Gimphoto is a free Photoshop alternative for photo and image editor! For Windows or Linux or (NEW!) Mac OS X 10.6 with X11!

Download the Last Version from 2014

Gimphoto is GIMP modification with new menu layout

Gimphoto is GIMP modification with new menu layout, great selection of plugins, and many additional resources for more professional look and feel as digital photo retouching and image editing application package.

GimPhoto is released under GPL.
GimPhoto is based on Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program).

GimPhoto is a GIMP modification with new menu, additional plugins and resources to bring the best GIMP experience to Photoshop users.

The GimPhoto 1.0 and 1.4 modification process is done at binary level so it is only available for Windows and there is no source code, for more understand about the GimPhoto modification process then read

but since GimPhoto 1.4.3 modification process is done at source code level so GimPhoto 1.4.3 also released its source code and GimPhoto 1.4.3 is available for Windows and Linux.

Why was this package created?
Many GIMP users have discussed how GIMP must be improve in many areas before it can be used as free Photoshop alternative (even with earlier versions of Photoshop - 5.5 or 6). Area that must be improved are:

- Features
Color Management, CMYK Separation, 16 bit Mode, Batch Process, Layer Adjustment, Styles, Action.

- User Interface
Menu Structure, Menu Priority, Shortcuts, Toolbox and Dialog design, Windowing System (too many big buttons and white spaces).

- Lack of Resources
More useful brushset, More useful gradients, More useful pattern, More useful plugin (tight selection of plugins, only include commonly used and high quality plugins because loading brushset, gradients and plugins takes time).

GIMP must be useful out of the box without further customization by user.

Many of these features have been added to the GIMP 2.3 development series and many plugins have been developed to extend GIMP capabilities but these plugins are spread all over the internet and must be installed manually to get the best GIMP experience.

I have tried my best to compose those components (GIMP latest version, best plugins, and best resources) into a single package that will provide an out of the box experience for GIMP.

so I bring to you... GimPhoto.

caution: I'm really sorry about my bad grammar all over this site, due to the fact that english is not my mother language. I tried my best but...I was really bad at english grammar lessons in school :P so if you have tips or tricks to improve my grammar send to ekkians at gmail dot com, i would really appreciate it :) Thank you!
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