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netPanzer is a cross platform online multiplayer tactical warfare game

netPanzer 0.8.3 Final is here ! - netPanzer 0.8.3 Final (Windows+Linux .zip package and Mac Os X) - Download Now!

New in 0.8.3
- added a Mac OS X universal binary of netPanzer.
- added screenshoot function (press F9).
- added any resolution support (>= 640x480) and resizable window.
- added sound configuration (volume, enable/disable).
- added some new maps done by community.
- new unit selection modes, double and triple click.
- player flags appears in chat messages.
- player name appear over tanks (configurable, press "n").
- new ally system (check "TAB").

netPanzer is an online multiplayer tactical warfare game designed for fast action combat. Gameplay concentrates on the core - no resource management is needed. The game is based on quick tactical action and unit management in real-time. Battles progress quickly and constantly as destroyed players respawn with a set of new units. Players can join or leave games at any time.

Download latest stable release of netPanzer here - or install latest development version from svn repository. You can find a list of online servers in our server browser or directly from netPanzer start panel -> multiplayer -> next -> select a server then again -> next. Done ! Need more help? You can read docs and tutorials available on this website or simply press F1 when in a game.

Join the worldwide community of netPanzer; register here or in Forum; a full featured ranking system and clan management will soon be available - so keep on training !

Last but not least netPanzer is absolutely FREE (as in FREE beer and in FREEDOM) and there are several binaries available for your Linux or Windows box.
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