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Fractal Chaos generates fractals using chaos game algorithm (for Windows or Mac)   

Fractal Chaos

Created by Craig Macomber of Spin Craft software and Matt Nichols.
This application generates fractals using the chaos game algorithm. Several modifications have been added and many more will still be added soon. The Goal is to add all possible parameters to give the user total control while having an understandable interface.

Version: Final 1.0.2-10
Last Updated: 10-29-06
Third release. All known bugs fixed.

What's New
Extensions for saved files now work correctly.
The zoom field not works as expected and can enlarge images as well as shrink them. The depth field (which did not work) has been removed. An about box, contact information, a help menu and help files have been added. Ratios over 0.5 and under -0.5 are now supported, which produce a whole new set of images. Various coloring setting can now be chosen and you can now know it it is updating the image. Many other bugs have been fixed too. Over all this release is a vast improvement on the previous version in stability, features and support.

What's Next
Fractal Chaos 2 is in the works (but its progressing very slowly), and will hopefully be released late this year. It will include many of the planned features below. There may be another release of Fractal Chaos 1 with an improved user interface and much better rendering viewer like the one in Fractal Paths.

Settings tips
Many of the sites below contain interesting sets of settings, and more settings can be found on the images page. With the new version ratios of over 0.5 can be used, but they are not very interesting over about 0.8. Negative ratios produce very interesting shapes with odd numbers of corners, but are the same as the positive ratios for even numbers of corners. Also, smaller numbers of corners tend to be more interesting. Try many combinations using 3-6 corners, they are the most interesting. After that patters become obvious.

Try sets (Corners, ratio) such as (3,-.5), (3,-.55), (3,.666), (4,.55), (3,.5), (5,.5), (5,6.5), (5,-.5), (6,.49) and any thing else that seems interesting. Once you understand the patters that produce the fractals it is easy to imagine what might look cool, but hard to imagine exactly what it will look like.

Adjustable ratio.
Density plots.
Image saving.
Size choosing.
Color choosing.

Planned Features
Manuel and auto scaling of image size.
Animation saving.
Animation sets making movies.
Color choosing including gradients for density plots.
Optional background mode.
Optional previews.
Smooth over-sampled zoom.
Alpha layers.
Point by point next point lists.
Placing any number of points anywhere with tool to make polygons.
Adjustable ratio.
Time dependent characteristics scripted in basic using a time variable.
Multiple background fractal generators.
And much more.
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