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GOCR is an OCR Optical Character Recognition program for Linux and Windows and OS/2


GOCR is an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program, developed under the GNU Public License. It converts scanned images of text back to text files. Joerg Schulenburg started the program, and now leads a team of developers.
GOCR can be used with different front-ends, which makes it very easy to port to different OSes and architectures. It can open many different image formats, and its quality have been improving in a daily basis.


The original name is GOCR. It's what is used internally in the sources. But, when registering the site at Sourceforge, gocr was already taken. So, it's kind of both. Yeah, we know.


Download the developer releases (below) for best results or before reporting bugs.
Source code

    gocr-0.49.tar.gz 392kB, from 2010-09-24 (GPG-Signatur)
    gocr-0.48.tar.gz 360kB, from (GPG-Signatur)
    gocr-0.47.tar.gz 360kB, from sourceforge, Mar2009
    gocr-0.47.tar.gz alternative site (GPG-Signatur)
    gocr-0.46.tar.gz 700kB, from sourceforge, Oct2008
    gocr-0.46.tar.gz alternative site (GPG-Signatur)


This packages are not always up to date.

    see download@SF (src.tar.gz, i586.rpm)
    gocr-0.41-1.i586.rpm for SuSE-Linux (296KB) (was buggy)
    gocr-0.40-1.i386.rpm for Redhat Fedora Core 4 by Kent Franken (191KB)
    gocr-0.40-1.src.rpm for Redhat Fedora Core 4 by Kent Franken
    gocr-0.39-1.FC2.i386.rpm for Redhat Fedora Core 2 by Kent Franken (195KB)
    gocr-0.39-1.src.rpm for Redhat Fedora Core 2 by Kent Franken
    other RPMs for Redhat
    Debian packages


Binaries do not include any documentation. Please download the sources .

    Windows-binary gocr049.exe v0.49 154kB for Windows users provided by Peter B L Meijer, Oct 2010
    OS/2-zip-packages of gOCR made by Franz Bakan

Developers releases
If you want the latest code, get it from this tgz-package. Check this gpg-signature for authenticity of jocr.tgz.
Required software
Though gocr doesn't need NetPBM, it's benefitted by its presence. libgocr, however, needs it. Get it here. If you already have it installed, take a look if you have the pam.h file. If you don't, it's wise to upgrade.
Older versions
Provided to prove that there were really some development. :)

    gocr_0_2_1.tgz ,
    gocr-0.39.tar.gz 700kB, from sourceforge
    download page from sourceforge

Thanks for testing!
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