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YS FLIGHT SIMULATOR is a cross platform fully featured flight simulator

YS Flight Simulator is a fully featured lightweight flight simulator. As well as basic functionalities, it has network feature that allows you to fly with or against your friends. You also can fly a formation leader, dogfight, intercept, attack ground, take off and land on an aircraft carrier and so on, and you can choose your airplane from more than 50 airplanes, and there are several maps as well.

YSFLIGHT Version 20130805 is ready for download!

This time, crews from kindly offered to host YSFLIGHT binaries.  You can download the newest version from the following link.

YSFLIGHT binaries will be available from both and  I'll put links to back as soon as the file is up in their server.

Major changes are as follows:

- Using OpenGL 2.0/ES2.0 features
- Change of vehicle
- Some maps include scheduled flights
- Landing-evaluation dialog
- Can enable random aircraft trouble (can configure probability and severity)
- Damage indication
- I'm so sorry for those who have been using CPU-Rendered version of YSFLIGHT. But, I cannot support it any longer. CPU-Rendered version is dropped in this release.
- Bug fixes


YSFLIGHT Progress Update

I have implemented change-of-vehicle.  My goal is to use it for campaign mode, in which the player has to conquer enemy bases in the map.  But, it takes some more coding.

I also implemented landing-analysis tab.  You can see the vertical and horizontal profiles of your approach.  It would be nice if I can add some automatic grading scheme for that, but if you do a short-approach, your course will not be aligned to the runway centerline until the very last minutes before touch down, your approach may be steeper if you have a headwind, and in fact some instructors like steeper approach because that way you can land safely even in case of engine failure on final.  So, I think no matter what grading scheme I add, it's going to be controversial.  I instead I show vertical speed on touch down and crab angle relative to the ground.


The following environment is required.

    Windows 98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP/Vista/7, or Linux (Compiled on Ubuntu 8.04.3), or Mac OS X (10.5.8 or newer).
    Pentium 800MHz or faster (Depends on OS and Display Adapter)
    128MB RAM or larger (Depends on how much memory the OS wastes for itself)
    DirectX9 or later.
    A web browser for reading documentation.

If you are using Windows XP Service Pack 2 and would like to use the network feature, please read this.

Following devices are recommended but not required.

    Joystick. It's better if the joystick has a POV control.
    Even better if you have a throttle lever, and don't forget a rudder pedal :-)

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