Author Topic: Dynamics illustrates the connection between Julia Sets and the Mandelbrot Set  (Read 2491 times)

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Dynamics illustrates the connection between Julia Sets and the Mandelbrot Set

Dynamics 1.2

Richard Koch and Pierre d'Herbemont

About Dynamics:
Dynamics is a program written to illustrate the connection between Julia Sets and the Mandelbrot Set. It can draw magnified portions of the Mandelbrot set fairly rapidly, although it uses no clever mathematical ideas to speed drawing.

The source code is included. Mandelbrot drawing is performed by a single small method call, and readers are encouraged to

    optimize for the velocity engine
    separate the calculation into smaller tasks for optimization on multiprocessor machines.

Dynamics is distributed under the GPL public license, and thus free. Downloading the disk image file with OmniWeb is easy; click on the "Dynamics Program" link and OmniWeb will download the file and open it, revealing a Finder window. Drag the program to the Applications directory.

Downloading with Internet Explorer is harder. Press the mouse on the "Dynamics Program" link and hold it down until a dialog appears. Choose "download link to disk." A file named "dynamics.dmg" will appear in your directory. Close Internet Explorer and go to the Applications folder. In the Utilities subfolder, find and open Disk Copy. Select the "Mount Image" menu item and open dynamics.dmg.

    Dynamics Program
    Dynamics Source Code

Richard Koch
Department of Mathematics
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403


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