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OSXBackstrip is a Geology Program that does 1D backstripping of sedimentary strata for Mac X 10.6 plus

The subsidence of a sedimentary basin can be attributed to three processes: tectonic subsidence, water and sediment loading, and sediment compaction. These three components of subsidence can be estimated from a stratigraphic section using a procedure called "backstripping" (Allen and Allen, 1990). Backstripping removes from each sedimentary layer the effects of sediment compaction, water and sediment loading; thus extracting from the stratigraphic section the tectonic subsidence curve.

Backstrip (previously OSXBackstrip) is a program to perform "1D Airy backstripping with exponential reduction of porosity". Stratigraphic units can be easily input in a table, and backstripping and tectonic subsidence plots and tables can be rapidly produced. Plots can be edited or saved for publication. Multiple documents (stratigraphic sections) can be backstripped and compared.

Backstrip is freeware for non-profit, academic purposes. To use the program for consulting, please contact me at

Download 2.7 MB

version 3.5, March 13, 2014

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