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jBilling Community is an open source billing system written in Java

jBilling's mission is to provide a robust, secure, open source alternative for enterprise billing. With our world-class service team, we help companies all over the world deploy and maintain billing solutions to meet their business needs.

jBilling was founded in 2002 on a simple idea: that billing could be better. Since then, we've written hundreds of thousands of lines of code to build an advanced billing solution that is robust yet flexible and easy to use. In the process, we became the first company to provide an open source enterprise billing system and now serve our customers as the world's leading open source billing solutions provider.

Get the right edition for your business.

jBilling comes in four editions, including Community, which is free, as well as Enterprise and Telco editions, which have yearly fees for licensing, support, and maintenance. These editions give you the source code so you keep full control of your billing solution. The Telco Hosted edition has a monthly subscription fee, or a yearly option that offers a discount. As a cloud-based solution, the Telco Hosted edition does not provide access to the source code.

With the release of jBilling 3, we now offer two different editions of jBilling. The community edition is free, you can download it and use it under the AGPL open source license.

The enterprise edition builds on top of the community edition, adding strong product management with plans and bundles, easy and flexible pricing models, security, and other enterprise features.
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