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WinMac lets Windows 95 through XP users add a Macintosh-style menu bar

Welcome to the Home of WinMac

Here you can find screenshots, download pages, pertinent news information, and developer contact information for the WinMac program. Use the Navigation Bar frame to the left of this page to make your way through the site. Hopefully you'll find using WinMac and the site enjoyable and informative. Unfamiliar with what WinMac is? If so, then keep reading…

Brief Description of WinMac

WinMac is a free program that allows Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000, Me, and XP users to add a Macintosh-style menu bar to their system. WinMac is written in Visual Basic v5.0 by Michael Mallory. It is currently capable of mimicking System 7, Mac OS 8 and 9, Mac OS X Server, and Mac OS X Aqua menu bars. WinMac also includes a user-requested custom Mac OS Brushed Metal bar.

WinMac: A History Lesson…

The WinMac project began in 1996 when Ritchie Chow set out to create a Macintosh Menu Bar for Windows 95 and NT. He was able to produce a very impressive product for its time, offering Windows users a Mac OS Platinum (v8.x, 9.x) Menu Bar months before Mac OS v8.0 was even released. However, Ritchie became unable to continue updating the WinMac project, so development stalled, albeit just temporarily.

In 1998, Ritchie Chow transferred the rights of the WinMac Project to Michael Mallory. He picked up right where Ritchie left off, making major code optimizations, adding Aqua Support (again, before the actual release of Mac OS X), and making WinMac better able to report information about the computer on which it runs.

The Future of WinMac

While WinMac is a great program, and the development team has many juicy features we're planning to add in the future, suggestions are always more than welcome! If you have something you'd like to see in WinMac, don't hesitate to eMail us at and let us know what you think. In all likelihood, he will be able to add it, or will at least die trying. In the meantime, here's what's on tap for future releases:

    * Identification support for the following processors: Pentium II Xeon, Pentium III Xeon, Pentium III Based Celeron, K6, all Cyrix, all WinChip, and all Rise.
    * Completely rework WinMac to act as an Explorer.exe replacement, thus creating a true Macintosh environment in Windows, rather than the current overlay to the Windows Explorer layout.
    * Code to allow menus to be opened by dragging over them, rather then having to click to switch.
    * Code to implement 'WinMacCD Audio Player' to act like 'AppleCD Audio Player'.
    * Fully emulate the Power Macintosh G4. (We can always hope.) A more likely scenario would be that I'd insert already written M68K/PPC emulation code to attempt to create a transparent Macintosh emulation, but this is still about as far fetched as possible.


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