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Bravenet dot Com has Free hosting and web master resources (for small sites)  Santa thought he posted this YEARS AGO!

Software Santa has been using their free hit counters since 1999!

Resources Menu

    * Resources Main
    * Free Clipart
          o Backgrounds
          o Banner Parts
          o Banners
          o Bullets
          o Buttons
          o Dividers
          o Flags
          o Icons
          o Maps
          o Side Bars
          o Signs and Symbols
          o Smilies
          o Textures
          o Web Elements
    * Audio Clips
          o Classic / Hard Rock
          o Comedy Clips
          o Country Music
          o Disco / Dance
          o Folk / Bluegrass
          o Holidays
          o Jazz / Blues
          o Movies / TV
          o Pop Music
          o Sound Effects
    * Free Fonts Archive
          o Dingbats
          o Fancy
          o Outline
          o Script
          o Standard
    * Articles
          o Web Programming
                + ASP
                + MySQL
                + PHP
          o Site Building
                + CSS
                + HTML
                + Javascript
          o Promotion
                + Advertising
                + Community
                + Seach Engines
                + Traffic
          o Profit
                + Advertising
                + E-Commerce
          o Internet
                + Books
                + Business
                + Domain Names
                + Legal Matters
                + Security
                + Spam and Viruses
                + Development
                + Web Hosting
          o Design
                + Accessibility
                + Graphic Design
                + Graphics
                + Layout
                + Presenting Data
          o Administration
                + Email
                + Optimization
          o Photography Tips
                + Photography Tips
    * Tutorials
          o HTML
                + Before you Code
                + Page Structure
                + Divs & Paragraphs
                + Images
                + Hyperlinks
                + Lists
                + Tables and Forms
          o Forms
                + Sample Form Elements
                + Text Input Fields
                + Password Input Fields
                + Hidden Input Fields
                + TextArea
                + Checkboxes
                + Radiobuttons
                + Dropdown Menu
                + Submit Button
                + Reset Button
                + Image Button
          o FTP
                + Filezilla FTP
                + Bravenet FTP Applet
          o Tables
    * Quick References
          o HTML 4.01
                + HTML Tag List
                + Version Information
                + The HTML Element
                + Document HEAD
                + Languages
                + Text Formatting
                + List Elements
                + Using Tables
                + Links & Anchors
                + Objects & Images
                + Style Sheets
                + Using Frames
                + Using Forms
                + Using Scripts
          o CSS
                + Colors & Backgrounds
                + Box Model Properties
                + Fonts & Text
                + Visual Formatting
                + Tables & Lists
                + User Interface
          o Color Codes
          o Special Characters
    * Website Ads
    * Bravenet Toolbar
    * Speaking Character
    * Bravenet Newsletters
          o Members Update
          o Webmaster Resources
          o Tips & Tricks
          o Freebies
    * More Free Downloads
    * Affiliate Programs
    * Get Traffic
    * Widgets
    * Magazines/Ezines

Quick Reference Sheets for Webmasters

Quick Reference sheets are packed full of useful information for all webmasters.

    * HTML Reference Sheet

      Use this handy HTML reference sheet to view all of the basic HTML tags and their applications! Bookmark this page to refer to whenever you need to verify your syntax.
    * CSS Reference Sheet

      In this CSS quick reference sheet you can verify CSS properties, values and syntax - complete with examples. Don't forget to bookmark the page for future reference!
    * Color Codes Reference Sheet

      Make sure you get the perfect colors for your design. A hexadecimal color code is a long thing to remember, so bookmark this page and use it as your color reference chart!
    * Special Characters Reference Sheet

      Special character codes are hard to remember, and there are so many you can use. This reference sheet gives you a name code, number code and description for each glyph!

Software Santa likes their free hosting too!


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