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OpenDNS is the fastest growing Internet security and DNS service for Home, School, or Work! 

Recommended by Gizmo Richards (or his staff) over at
Tech Support Alert!

My Thanks to him and his staff!

The fastest-growing Internet security and DNS service.

What are you protecting?
Home:  Award-winning parental controls that protect everything on your home network with a simple one-time setup.
School: 40,000+ schools use OpenDNS to achieve CIPA compliance with our cloud-based Web content filtering, statistics and reporting.
Work:  Some of the largest companies in the world use OpenDNS to protect their people and their networks. Find out why you should, too.

OpenDNS at Home
OpenDNS is the smartest and easiest way to protect all Internet access in your home.

 * Award-winning parental controls that protect everything

Millions of parents use award-winning OpenDNS to manage their family's Internet access. Protect your entire family on computers, gaming consoles, mobile devices and more.

Today's families have an array of Internet-connected devices in their homes, from computers to gaming consoles to smart phones. OpenDNS is the only parental controls service that empowers parents to manage Web access across every device that accesses your home network, including phones and computers that your kids' friends bring into the house. Make a simple settings change on your router, then choose the content you want to block. OpenDNS takes effect across your entire household immediately – from your family computer to your kids' gaming console.

Choose the setting that's right for your household
Each household is unique, so OpenDNS gives you flexibility in blocking content. We divide the Internet's millions of websites neatly into 57 categories, like "adult," "games," "academic fraud" and "social media." Block entire categories of content, or just choose to block the individual websites that you know are problematic or unsafe for your kids.

Open up the lines of communication
OpenDNS also opens lines of communication between you and your kids by letting you customize the page your kids see when a website's been blocked. Write a message to them and even add an image to best explain why you've chosen to restrict their access.

    * Leading anti-fraud and phishing protection

      The Internet can be a dangerous place, but OpenDNS keeps your family safe online. Take the guesswork out of identifying fraudulent phishing scam websites and allow your family to browse the Web with confidence with OpenDNS.

    * Faster, more reliable Internet

      Speed website load times and make your family's Internet faster with OpenDNS. Say goodbye to frustrating, intermittent Internet outages and hello to a faster and more reliable Internet connection.

    * Easy, no-bloat service

      OpenDNS is the easiest way to protect your household and speed up your computers instead of bloating them with annoying software.

    * Command central for parents

      The larger your family, the harder it is to keep track of everyone's activity online. OpenDNS gives you a helpful command central where you can easily see which websites have been visited from all Internet-connected devices in your household. See which blocked sites your kids have attempted to access, and easily block those inappropriate or unsafe sites your kids are visiting.

Overview of OpenDNS products for the home

All of our products offer the great benefits listed above. OpenDNS Basic provides parental controls for Internet safety and DNS service for Internet reliability. There is no subscription fee since it is ad-supported. To get rid of ads, step up to OpenDNS VIP and also get support and other benefits. If you want to let us manage your command central settings on your behalf and don't need customization, use FamilyShield and you won't even need to log into our application.

OpenDNS Basicâ„¢
Our free product for safer, faster and more reliable Internet access throughout your home. For Windows Systems!

Ads keep OpenDNS Basic free:

OpenDNS Basic is an ad-supported service with no subscription fees. It includes our DNS service to improve the reliability of your Internet connection, Parental Controls to keep your family safe and all the features listed below. Register now, or upgrade to OpenDNS VIPâ„¢, which has additional benefits, is ad-free and includes support.

We show ads in various locations in order to provide parental controls and DNS for free to households and individuals. Locations include the pages that indicate an attempt to view a blocked site and the Guide page, which indicates an attempt to visit a non-existent site. All advertisements are family-friendly and non-intrusive.

ALSO, Some usage limitations apply:
OpenDNS Basic includes more than enough DNS usage for even a large household. For additional features and usage, find out more about our solutions for K-12 schools, businesses and other organizations.

Award-winning parental controls:

    * 4 preset filter configurations
    * 50+ filter categories
    * Proxy and anonymizer blocking to prevent kids from hiding their browsing
    * Whitelisting (up to 25 domains that are explicitly allowed)
    * Blacklisting (up to 25 domains that are explicitly blocked)
    * Customizable block page

Leading anti-fraud and phishing protection:

    * Phishing protection sourced from Phishtank, the world’s largest phishing database run by OpenDNS

Faster, more reliable Internet:

    * Anycasting service ensures that you are always served by our closest data center
    * SmartCacheâ„¢ means that when a website’s authoritative DNS fails, OpenDNS can continue to serve DNS requests for it.
    * Geo-tagging directs you to the closest server for the website you are visiting
    * Typo-correction automatically fixes commonly mistyped website names when browsing
    * The customizable OpenDNS Guide page appears when you try to access a non-existent website and displays relevant search results to help you get where you want to go
    * Data centers located strategically around the planet to ensure the fastest service wherever you are

Easy, no bloat service:

    * Configure on your router and protect all machines in your home including game consoles, WiFi devices and older machines
    * No heavy software installation to slow down your computers
    * No updates to remember or to slow you down. We take care of everything for you in our web application
    * By installing our updater (a very small application) on a laptop, protection will be extended wherever that laptop goes

Command central for parents:

    * Monitor all Internet usage on your network from anywhere there is Internet access with one of our detailed reports
    * Change settings for your kids from anywhere there is Internet access
    * Reporting metrics kept for 2 weeks
    * One /32 network

What's the difference between FamilyShield and OpenDNS Basic?

Choose FamilyShield if you're looking for a quick, no-fuss way to protect your children from adult content online for free.

Choose OpenDNS Basic if you'd like a more customizable alternative — you can block or unblock lots of other types of sites, see reports on how your family uses your Internet connection, and more. OpenDNS Basic offers everything FamilyShield does, and it's also free, but it requires a few extra setup and customization steps and displays ads at various places in the application itself.


Use FamilyShield to quickly and easily secure your Internet  Block adult Web content with our free family Web filter

The single easiest way to keep your kids safe online — and away from adult websites — on your home Internet for free. No software to install.

    * Every Internet-connected device in your home gets protected, instantly
      When you set up FamilyShield on your router, every device in your home that shares that Internet connection gets protected too. Your kids' Xbox, Wii, DS, iPad, and cell phone also get protected.
    * This Web filter is always up-to-date
      We block a constantly updated (24/7) list of adult websites from ever reaching your computer.
    * Comes with built-in security
      Take the guesswork out of identifying fraudulent sites. FamilyShield automatically blocks identity theft or "phishing" websites and virus-spreading malware websites.
    * Makes your Internet faster and more reliable
      What's more, the service is powered by OpenDNS, a company trusted by millions around the world, including thousands of schools, businesses, and homes like yours to secure their Internet connections.

What does FamilyShield block?

    * Adult websites that are unsuitable for kids
    * Proxy and anonymizer sites commonly used by savvy kids to bypass traditional Web filters
    * Phishing sites that aim to trick you into handing over personal or financial information
    * Some virus-spreading malware websites

Set up FamilyShield
Set up FamilyShield on your:

Router (Home Wi-Fi Network)  Recommended Approach!
Set up FamilyShield on your router so every computer, gaming console and wi-fi device is protected.

Get instructions for Windows, Mac, mobile phones, and more.


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