Author Topic: Aerial Fire is a Intense helicopter game with mind blowing graphics  (Read 2457 times)

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Aerial Fire is a Intense helicopter game with mind blowing graphics

Note: This game attempts to install the ASK Toolbar, and to switch your default search engine to ASK. Be SURE to Uncheck the 2 checkboxes on the ASK panel when Installing this game. Also, after you exit from this game it opens a browser page to the game makers site.  

Aerial Fire

Intense helicopter game with mind blowing graphics and stunning effects awaits you! Night missions with varying weather conditions are awaiting you. Plenty of game objects and unique helicopters to fly on! Extraordinarily addictive game play, get ready for 220% pure ACTION!

Game requirements

Desktop or laptop computer. Dell, Lenovo, HP, Gateway or compatible. Pentium or Core 2 Duo Processor. XP, Vista or Windows 7 Operating system.

Game features

24 large levels 2 powerful bosses! Over 100 different units with unique 10 unique weapons with 3-7 level 15 different bonuses and 5 missile types! Five levels of difficulty for hardcore-gamers and rookies! 1-player and 2-player game modes! 12 cheat codes are available! Original soundtrack and powerful sound effects!
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