Author Topic: Métamorphose: A File -n- Folder Renamer For Windows 2K/XP or Debian Linux  (Read 3018 times)

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Métamorphose: A File -n- Folder Renamer For Windows 2K/XP or Debian Linux

License:     Freeware
 Price:    FREE
 OS:    Windows All
 Size:    4.22 MB
 Last Updated:    February 6th, 11:11 GMT

Metamorphose File n Folder Renamer description:

Métamorphose File -n- Folder Renamer is a freeware, open source mass renaming software that combines great flexability with an intuitive GUI.

Allows many command line renaming operations in a single utility, perfect for those of us that need to rename large numbers of files and/or folders on a regular basis.

Here are some key features of "Metamorphose File n Folder Renamer":

· Renames files and folders at the same time.
· Preview every item to be renamed before comiting changes.
· Load all files in directory and in subdirectories (recursive renaming).
· Undo renaming operation in case of mistakes.
· Rename MP3 files according to their ID3 tags.
· Full unicode support means any character from any language can be used.
· Use of all allowed characters under Windows and OSX, all except ':' in Linux.
· Save all program settings to file for later use!

· Renaming operations:
Set file extension.
Replacement, modification, or move by: Character, position, or regular expression.
Insertion by: Position or every (number) characters.
Length modifications (padding, truncating, or both).
Renaming styles: combination of: user text, numbering, id3 tags, date, time.
Modifications: UPPERCASE, lowercase, Capitalize first, Title Style, sWAP cASE, 'DoRkIfY'

· Move by position, text, or regular expression.

· Sequential numbering (enumerating) options:
Use integers, alphabetical, or roman numerals
Pad with any valid character to any width.(integers only)
Control step size, starting number, reset count.

· Set date and time manually or get from system.
· Use supplied defaults or specify your own date and time formats.
· Modular design allows great flexability and control, while keeping the easy stuff simple.
· Python and open source (GNU-GPL) means it's quickly, easily, and legally customizeable to fit your needs. Read the License for more details.
· Easily translatable with GNU GETTEXT utilities.


· Minimum screen resolution: 800 x 600 (1024 x 768 recommended)
· Interpreted (source) version: Python 2.4, wxPython 2.6
· Binary (executable) version: MS Windows (95c, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP) 


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