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FavIcon from Pics, a free service provided by the HTML-Kit site, can be used to generate a ready-to-use favicon for YOUR Website!

(Santa tries it out on HIS Site first .... )


FavIcon is short for favorites icon. Favicons became popular as icons that were displayed next to web site addresses on the favorites menu of a browser, also called the bookmarks menu. Today, favicons are displayed on the browser address bar and browser tabs, as well as on bookmarks and Internet shortcuts. A favicon is an icon associated with a web page or an HTML document.

Although it’s not necessary to add a favicon to a web page or a web site, associating an icon with a web site address can make it easier for visitors to remember the site. In case of business and promotional sites, favicons can be used to improve the visibility of business and site logos.

Creating a favicon

Since a favicon is a Windows Icon file, any application capable of saving bitmaps in ICO format (*.ico) can be used to create a favicon.

However, not all image editors support ICO files or may require an add-on to save in ICO format. Although some browsers also support GIF and PNG images as favicons, only favicons created in ICO format provide compatability with the widest number of web browsers.

Let’s get started by creating a favicon. The method number 1 below is usually the quickest way to create a favicon. The manual method is described in method number 2 and requires additional software.
Method 1: Automatically generate a favicon

FavIcon from Pics, a free service provided by the HTML-Kit site, can be used to generate a ready-to-use favicon.

    Select a picture, a logo or other graphic for the source image.
    Click Generate to view the favicon.
    Download the generated file. It includes favicon.ico and a short help file.

Method 2: Manually create a favicon

If you prefer to create a favicon manully and if your image editor supports saving in ICO format, create a bitmap that’s 16 by 16 pixels in size and save it as favicon.ico in ICO format. For the best results, make sure that the favicon.ico file meets the following specifications:

    Width and height: 16 pixels by 16 pixels
    Colors: 256 or less colors
    File format: ICO (*.ico)
    Save as file name: favicon.ico

Installing the favicon

Once you have created a favicon, it can be assigned to one or more web pages.

To keep things simple, and also to keep backward compatability with older browsers, let’s use favicon.ico for the name of your favicon file.

There are several ways to add a favicon to a web site, depending on how the site is hosted and how it’s updated. Before using one of the following methods, first upload your favicon.ico file to your web site. It should be in the root or the main folder of the site.


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