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Open Imperium Galactica (Open-IG) is a clone of the game Imperium Galactica

Open Imperium Galactica (Open-IG) is an open source Java
TM reimplementation of the Digital Reality
game Imperium Galactica
, a popular, 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) real-time space strategy game developed around 1996 in Hungary.
Open-IG attempts to reproduce the feel of the original game while fixing many bugs, inconsistencies and extending it with new features, however, it does not aim for producing an exact, behavior perfect and pixel perfect replica.
The project contains all necessary files to run the Open Imperium Galactica standalone: there is no need for the original game's files.
It should run on any platform supporting Java 7: e.g., Windows, Linux and Mac. You need to download the Launcher only once (unless noted otherwise). From then on, the Launcher will update the game or itself.
If you run into problems, crashes, translation errors, or simply want to share some of your ideas and suggestions, please create an Issue
. You may use english, hungarian or german language in your reports.
System requirements

    Java JRE/JDK 1.7
    Any operating system with graphical user interface
    A mouse with scroll wheel.
    768 MB RAM
    1.4 GB disk space
    1.5 GHz Dual Core CPU


    64 bit operating system and Java 7
    2.5 GB available RAM (i.e., min 4GB total)
    GPU with DirectX/OpenGL hardware acceleration
    2 GHz Dual Core CPU

Please use the Launcher
program to download the game files and keep your installment up-to-date.
Download the launcher file: open-ig-launcher.jar

Double click on the file, or in command line, type:

java -jar open-ig-launcher.jar

Differences from the original game

Apart from the tons of missing screens and behaviors, there are few deliberate changes:

    Starmap and planet screens are occupying the entire window, the rest are centered and shadow out the big screens behind them. The original game was constrained to 640x480.
    Scrolling the starmap and planet is done using right-mouse pan. In the original game, you had to hold the right mouse button near the edges of the view to scroll it. I think this is a bit cumbersome for a modern UI game.
    Zoom is done with CTRL+Mouse Wheel. You can also left/right click on the zoom button to zoom in/out. The original game, you could click on the zoom button, or switch to zoom mode and click on the starmap. This is understandable, as in 1996 there were not many mouses with scroll wheel.
    Several additional information displays, new screens.
    Many graphical inconsistencies fixed.

Gameplay Tips

    Planetary accounting and statistics gathering are performed at midnight. Morale affecting factors such as shortages are considered exactly at this moment. Therefore, plan your building upgdares and reconstruction accordingly, i.e., do not start upgrading your Arcologies at 23:50, because you may get a massive morale loss due the temporary living space shortage.
    If you have the money but not enough planets, you should start as many research as possible. They may not run to completion but you get a headstart.
    If you want to place multiple buildings of the same type, hold SHIFT while placing a building.
    Most listing offers the ability to scroll them via the mouse wheel. For example, you may scroll the building panel on the colony screen instead of clicking on the up or down button.
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