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Paper-Label-maker is a professional software for printing paper labels

Paper-Label-maker is a professional software for printing paper labels, such as address labels, letterheads, flyers, file brochures, postcards, software and product labels.

Main advantages of the program:

    High degree of accuracy
    Tolerance of printed content on paper is within 0.1 to 0.5 mm for the most of recent inkjet and laser printers, it means labels can be printed at exact positions as you want.
    Flexible designing
    The program contains three projects: Single, Multiple and Format, which are implemented for different purposes and  satisfy for both business and personal requirements.
    Rich in properties
    Border, Background, Place, Transparent images, Trace, Font and Align properties allow you to design labels in many nice styles for both plain and fixed label papers.
    Support for all databases implicitly
    Customer data in any databases can be easily exported into the program for printing customer related labels - such as post addresses.
    You can get start in 5 minutes then reach to all features of the program naturally.
    Label templates are historical stories from today.  

Thanks for our world unique feature of printing transparent images with multiple transparent colors, our labels are really in art level.  
Single project prints labels with same contents, typical usage is for return address labels.
Multiple project prints labels with varied contents, typical usage is for post address labels.
Format project prints formatted labels, such as software labels and product labels.
    The project is formatted for printing software labels with following types:
        First column has Leading type - following column is aligned
        Customer ID is increased one by one in label sequence, which consists 2 parts:
            First part is Fixed text (CBAE in the example)
            Second part is Base ~ Change type with length 8
        Please note, it can be formatted with many types to fit for any database requirements.
        CD key is is unique in all labels, which consists of 3 parts:
            First part is a Random English & Number string with length 6 (such as HGUEY5)
            Second part is Fixed text (one character hyphen in this example)
            Third part is Random Number with length 4 targeted to length 8 (such as 00003724)
        Please note, it can be formatted to any style to fit your CD key or password requirements.

Once again, you can get start in 5 minutes to bring you a new label story with high degree of accuracy and abundant designing.
Please note:

    The software focuses on printing labels on papers rather than on CD/DVD disks directly.
    But when you require CD/DVD labels in formal styles, such as for software, audio and video products, you can print labels on self adhesive sheets first, then stick them on recordable CD/DVD cases or cassettes - if so, the software is special for this kind of tasks, because it grows up from a base of printing software labels.
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