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Free Original ICONS by Debi has several sets of Windows Holiday Themed Icons


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Free Original ICONS by Debi has several sets of Windows Holiday Themed Icons

--- Quote ---Free Original
by Debi

I wanted to make 'cute' and 'colorful' icons and offer them free to my visitors because I enjoy using this type of icon myself. And I sure do enjoy anything that's free!

These icon sets are in small zip files. The size given is the size of the zip file. Just click on the word 'Download' under the icon description of the set(s) you'd like to download to your hard drive. There are over 1000 original icons here, only a small sample out of each set is pictured. Just enough to give you an idea of what the set contains. The exact number of icons in each set is given in each icon set's description.

**If you need help learning to change your icons, I have the info on that
(and many other things) on my F.A.Q.'s page.

Please don't forget to explore all of the other free goodies I have made for you.
A table of all the sections of my website is found at the bottom of this page.
There are lots of freebies you may enjoy! Thanks for stopping by...

New Years 2000 Icons  (9k)  3 icons celebrating New Year's Eve of the millennium.
Christmas Icons Set #2  (36k)  Second set in Christmas icon series. 15 icons. Includes bells, candy canes, gingerbread man, stockings and much more.
Holiday Recycle Bins  (18.9k)  Icons set that offers pairs of full/empty recycle bins in festive holiday images.
Christmas Toys Icon Set  (13.9k) Set of 17 traditional favorite Christmas Toys.
Christmas Icons Set #1 (18.9k) First set in a series. Includes 21 cute festive yuletide icons. Includes gifts, trees, candles, star, holly, lights, & more!
Wreaths Icons  (10.1k)  Wreaths for all seasons.  Set of 10.
Halloween Icons  (12.7k) 15 Halloween icons including black cat, bat, cauldron, ghost & much more.
Easter Egg Icons (47.1k)   Set of 62 brightly colored and festive Easter eggs.
Heart Icons (53k)  Set of 66 heart icons in several different designs and many different colors.  A very nice and     complete set.

Gifts & Bows (7.91k )  Set of Cute Bows in different colors, as well as some gift packages in assorted colors and designs.  Set of 14 icons.
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