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Software Santa thanks visualpurple for posting this item! A tip of Software Santa's Santa Cap to her!

Quote offers a service allowing its visitors to create personal profiles, download, upload and share glitter and animated graphics that are mainly used on profile and social websites such as MySpace, Orkut, Twitter, Facebook, Friendster, Xanga and our own. The service is provided free of charge to its users. Expenses and costs are funded by current paid advertisements located at - We have a vast selection of Myspace comments to choose from. The MySpace comments we suggest that you choose are the birthday MySpace comments, funny MySpace comments and the sexy MySpace comments. Of course there are many more such as adult, sleepy, love, funny, inspirational, Christian, joint, weed, cool, i love you, July 4th, Halloween, new, Friday comments. Don't forget Christmas MySpace comments and events like father's day and mother's day comments. The codes are easy to implement into your MySpace profile! MySpace Baby and romantics comments are the best to use. Surprise your friends and family with these crazy comments. Choose from hundreds of photo comments that are real life images or just the funny cartoon images.
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