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Performous is about improving your skills and having fun at the same time.  This game is like SingStar or UltraStar Deluxe .... combined with Guitar Hero, and dancing: all in the same game

Performous is about improving your skills and having fun at the same time.   The All-in-One Music Game! UltraStar Deluxe and SingStar like singing and Guitar Hero or Frets on Fire Guitar or Drums playing, too.


Pick up your microphone and start singing. The game won't just score your performance but your pitch is constantly displayed so you can correct the mistakes and actually learn to sing... And then beat your friends in multiplayer mode :)

For those who sing rather than well, a karaoke mode is provided. In this mode only lyrics are displayed and there are no notes or scoring.

Guitar and drums

Pick up your keyboard like this... Or if you prefer, connect one of those guitar controllers you can buy for almost nothing at your local gaming store. Playing a plastic guitar with five buttons sure isn't like the real thing but it just happens to be a good deal easier to learn and thus a hit at your party. Just make sure that the guys holding your guitar controllers allow others to play too.

Playing drums is like the real thing, especially if you happen to be lucky enough to have one of those professional MIDI drum sets. For the rest of us the el cheapo band game controllers will have to do.


Let the rhythm guide your feet when you show your dance moves on a dance pad, or just be a geek and use the keypad with your fingers instead. The graphics ain't hot yet but nonetheless you can dance all the same.


    Vocals, guitars (lead/rhythm/bass), drums and dancing with multiplayer support
    Extremely good singing pitch detection (usable even with laptop or webcam microphones)
    Intelligent gameplay determines what the player attempted to do
        Avoid accidental hammer-ons / pull-offs, among other things
        No more "wtf, I didn't make any mistake there" feeling
    Controllers are autodetected (no need to configure keys)
    Song formats: FoF, UltraStar, SingStar PS2 DVD (with ss_extract), StepMania
    C++ for high performance, rapid development and solid code
    OpenGL 2.0 and SVG for nice graphics
    Free software, licensed under GNU GPL version 2 or later


    Windows / Linux / OS X (porting to others should be easy)
    A computer that can run 3D games (doesn't need to be fast)
    Microphones for singing (any regular microphones, SingStar/other USB mics)
    USB guitars and drums (Guitar Hero, Rock Band)
    USB dance pad for dancing (various brands)



This release comes with some new features and quite a lot of changes "under the hood".
 Most notable for user, we have a working Windows (and maybe OS X) release again.

 This brings Windows users all the cool features from the 0.7.0 release like duet-mode
 and everything this release has to offer!
  • We have a new song browser menu
  • You can now build playlists, so you don't have to return to the songbrowser between songs!
  • There is now experimental support for microphone pass-through, so you don't have to fiddle with ALSA or such stuff, just enable it in the settings and "enjoy" hearing your own voice through the speakers!
  • The duet mode is better than ever, we fixed some corner cases and show microphone icons in duet menu, so you know which microphone has to sing which part before staring the song

Performous was changed to use SDL2 instead of SDL, which should give a much better experience with fullscreen among other things.

Performous 1.1
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