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POSper is a Point Of Sale (POS) System designed for small businesses

Software Santa's Note: This is BEST Used for Schools or Organizations that have an Intranet or a Web Server with PHP available to them. If you wish to install it on a single computer and run it "locally" from the Web Browser of Choice on that one computer you must go get and install XAMPP on that computer first.

POSper is a Point Of Sale (POS) System designed for small businesses. We support a wide variety of hardware and databases. We stand committed to the principals of community, collaboration, and communication and welcome everyone who comes by.

GNU General Public License (GPL)


    Intuitive touch screen operation
    User oriented design for retail and restaurants
    Customer card options
    Sophisticated discount system with customer price list facilities
    Modifiers for discounts, tax shift, etc,
    Order processing with delivery notes
    Ticket split and table moving
    Open database interface accessible by ERP systems
    Layout easily configurable (e.g. button sizes, images, separate category panel, template system for ticket layouts)
    User and role management to control feature access
    Many devices supported (printers, scales, cash drawers, scanners, card readers)
    Efficient stock management
    Integrates with POSper Backoffices (Web Interface to POSper with personnel management features, see SF project POSper Backoffice)
    Stock management features for branch infrastructure
    Accounting support
    True multi user and multi terminal capabilities
    Many languages supported


Operating System
OS Independent (Written in an interpreted language)

Catalan, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish

Intended Audience
Customer Service, End Users/Desktop

User Interface
Java Swing

Database Environment

Programming Language
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