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BitDefender Security Scan gives you information on the speed, stability and security issues which may affect a Windows machine

The Information You Need to Stay Safe! BitDefender Security Scan is a free tool which provides information on the speed, stability and security issues which may affect a Windows machine.

Informative - BitDefender Security Scan presents information about your machine in a way that makes it easier for you to take appropriate action.

Convenient - BitDefender Security Scan is built to supplement your current security setup – there will be no unwanted interactions between it and any security software you may have installed.

Fast - Simply download and run a security scan – you'll have the information you need in minutes!

    System Requirements
    Operating system
    Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7
    512 MB (Windows XP)
    1 GB (Windows Vista and Windows 7).

Features of QuickScan include:

AV QuickScan - scans your PC for running viruses, spyware and other online threats – usually in less than a minute!

Registry Tuning - scans your PC for invalid registry entries that can cause slow downs, freezes or crashes.

Update watcher - checks for Windows updates which have not been applied yet.

Security status - checks for the existence and status of security software on your system.

Scheduled Scanning - sets up recurring scans to ensure your system is safe. QuickScan will automatically scan your PC on startup.

Antivirus Spot Check - on demand, instantly scans a suspicious file (such as something you've just downloaded) for viruses.


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