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Scotland Yard is a cross platform Detective Game written in Java: works on Windows or Mac or Linux systems.

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This is a game of Scotland Yard, which has been coded in Java. The moves of Mr. X are made by the program, while the human player makes the detective moves. The game works fine on ALL Java 1.5 capable platforms.


    Enhanced GUI with detective positions shown on the map
    Greedy strategy for Mr. X

Board Games, Turn Based Strategy

The Scene
Mr X, the most wanted criminal, is on the run in Central London and Scotland Yard's finest detectives are in a hot pursuit. To escape capture, Mr. X must move cleverly and secretly (Mr X.'s whereabouts are revealed only as many as 5 times during the game); to corner Mr X, the detectives must use ingenuity and cooperation. One player (in the game, the computer) is Mr X. All other players are the detectives (which in the game are controlled by a human player). Whether one is being chased or doing the chasing, all players travel from location to location by bus, taxi or underground. To take a certain form of transportation, you must be on the correct spot and have the correct fare - no ticket, no ride!

The Challenge
You will be controlling the detectives and so one of the detectives must capture Mr X. by landing on the same space Mr X occupies. The Set-Up
When you run the game, you will initially see a map on the screen. Click the button "Start Game" to start the game. When you do so, the game is loaded and you will see the Mr X. move in a separate window. The various controls in the game are discussed else where.

The fare tickets
Initially,each of the detectives has the following tickets
A detective's ticket supply is limited. Once a ride is taken and the ticket has been used, that ticket is "spent". There is no way for a detective to replenish these used tickets.
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