Author Topic: OpenBlox is a game development kit similar to ROBLOX and Blockland  (Read 3204 times)

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OpenBlox is a game development kit similar to ROBLOX and Blockland

Software Santa thanks DangerOnTheRanger at gameboom for posting this game! A tip of Software Santa's Santa Cap to him!

What is OpenBlox?

In a nutshell, OpenBlox lets you build games with Lego bricks, physics, and a scripting language called Lua. Soon, you'll be able to play your games with your friends across the Internet.

How much does OpenBlox cost?

Nothing. You can download and play OpenBlox at absolutely no charge.

Simple game development

    Make games easily with OpenBlox's drag-and-drop game builder, BloxWorks

Cross-platform compatibility

    Write your game on Windows, Linux, or Mac OSX (possibly BSD); play it on the other two

Easy installation

    OpenBlox comes with a graphical installer - one-click installation

Free as in freedom (and price)

    You're free to download OpenBlox, modify it, and share it with whoever you want

Powerful scripting system

    OpenBlox supports the Lua ( scripting language to make its games interactive
    Several well-known, game-related users of Lua include World of Warcraft, FarCry, Garry's Mod, Spring RTS, and Warhammer Online


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