Author Topic: Gawker creates time-lapse movies using a webcam. For Mac OS X systems.  (Read 3071 times)

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Gawker creates time-lapse movies using a webcam (for Mac OS X systems)

Gawker allows you to create time-lapse movies using your iSight/DV camera. Some of its features are:

    Record a time-lapse movie using your iSight/DV camera.
    Share your camera over the internet, broadcasting images at a specified interval (i.e. every 30 seconds).
    Publish your camera and browse others nearby using Bonjour.
    Connect to remote cameras and record their image stream into a time-lapse movie.
    Combine two streams to create a movie showing up to 4 locations side-by-side.

What's New
Version 0.8.4:

    Fix for Desktop recording on Lion
    Gawker now requires Snow Leopard


    PPC / Intel
    Mac OS X 10.4 or later
    Quicktime 7 or later


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